Providing the ventilation solution
of tomorrow

The higher demands on energy efficiency for new buildings makes
waterborne systems the optimal, future-proof choice.
Water as a heating and cooling carrier gives a high capacity per
volume and minimises energy loss. On top of that an active chilled
beam like Professor XP eliminates the risk of draughts and is almost
completely quiet. In other words: a great indoor climate. Today and

With Professor XP you get a state of the art waterborne system.
excellent performance thanks to the new modular battery system and a very flexible installation with the lowest-on-the-market building height and various sizes and plus features available.

A flexible battery concept for
optimal performance

The new powerful battery configuration offers four different
standard battery types for both 2-pipe and 4-pipe water circuits.
This modular system always allow the optimal capacity output with
energy optimization.
It also provides a unique possibility to reach different capacity
demands with the same product length and an architectural uniform

Product performance tailored to your needs
Avoid oversizing and reduce operating costs
Choose the most cost-effective solution
No waste of material and weight

A flexible installation –
even in the tightest spaces

Professor XP provides great freedom for installation, as its inset
height is the lowest in the market, with an overall height of only
120/146 mm. Probably lower than the phone in your pocket. It is
available for both recessed and exposed installation
For more information about Professor XP read the brochure here.

LinFlow – The control valve especially developed for chilled beams

The new control valve comes with linear regulation characteristics. Optimal temperature regulation in the room saves energy. Extreme low sound generation allows higher water flow rates and the best battery optimisation.

• Specially developed for chilled beams
• Fast push fitting connections
• Toolless presetting


For more information about LinFlow read the brochure here.

​Easy dimensioning with LindQST

The specific dimensioning of the active chilled beam can be easily done with our waterborne calculator in LindQST. It provides easy and quick access to the latest product documentation, technical data-sheet and installation instructions online, making it the ideal tool for installers,
consultants and
architects alike.


Read the Professor XP brochure here.
Read the LinFlow  brochure here.
For more information please contact your local market and sales organization