Lindab's Safe & Lindab Safe Click

systems come with the best 

possible tightness and thus quality.


Lindab Safe and Lindab Safe Click, are the first in the world to

have Eurovent certification for duct systems.This means you

can feel safe with the product you buy, and you can be

completely sure that it maintains high quality and tightness

class D. 











 Eurovent in brief


• Organisation in Europe securing effective program that raises the standard in the ventilation business.

• Certified by independent party.

New certification program for tightness class D regarding strenght and leakage in duct systems.

• Ensures that the products live up to certain standards throughout the whole production process.

Guarantees independent check.

• Testing products to check that their performance and capability are in accordance with the manufacturer's specified data.



Calc-Leak - Calculate your

system's efficiency


Lindab has developed the web tool Calc-Leak. Calculate both the payback period of the added investment and the annual energy saving.


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