60 years of simplified construction

On February 6, 1959, the company AB Lidhults Plåtindustri is founded in Grevie in Northwestern Skåne, by Lage Lindh and Valter Persson.
It’s the start of a company that 10 years later will go by the name Lindab AB. Let's glance in the rear-view mirror and have a look at what has happened since.


The company is founded on a sunny February day in Grevie, in 1959. The first products being produced are aluminum strips for eternit plates and window flashings.



The serial production of gutters and pipes is expanded, and the number of employees is increasing. Plans to build a new factory are also starting to grow.


The new factory on Ängelholmsvägen on the Bjäre peninsula is officially opened, and the guttering bracket is launched.
The company is now the only supplier in Sweden that can offer a complete roof drainage program.



A new business area, Ventilation, is added, and spiral-seamed ventilation ducts are launched.


AB Lidhults Plåtindustri changes name to Lindab, and Lage Lind becomes the sole owner.
The company is now Scandinavia’s largest producer of factory-made sheet metal parts.


The production of roof drainage and roof profiles is moved to Förslöv, 7 km south of Grevie.
The Swedish company Svenska Fläktfabriken launches a "rubber-sealed" duct system, and Lindab immediately initiates its own development in the area.



A new ventilation factory is being built in Haderslev, Denmark, while the factories in Grevie and Förslöv are being expanded. At the same time, the adaptation of the duct system for the Eurovent standard is initiated.



The rubber-tight system LINDAB Safe is launched, and 2000 of Lindab’s ventilation products are now in accordance with the new Eurovent standard. At the same time, several new sales offices open in Germany and Norway.



Lindab buys the company VM group, after first having acquired 40 % of its shares two years prior. Local services and warehouses around Sweden is now the focus. In total, there are now 13 branches in Sweden, and a door-to-door lorry delivery system is being launched. The image displays what is now Lindab's sales store and warehouse in Årsta, Stockholm.



Circular duct systems are now Lindab's largest product and the first steel stud is launched. Both of the Danish factories in Haderslev and Farum are being expanded to meet the increased demand for Lindab's products.



Lindab's sales surpasses the billion-SEK mark. Lindab Steel is formed and becomes the Lindab Group's steel service center.
A state-of-the-art press hall in Grevie is opened.


A European investment in roof- and wall systems is initiated and Lindab gets established in Hungary. That same year, roof tiles, exterior wall studs as well as doors are being launched.


Lindab continues to grow in Eastern Europe. In the recent years, subsidiaries have been established in Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and the United States. The Roof / Wall System business area becomes Profile.



Lindab is now represented in 18 countries in 101 locations. IT programs for both the Profile business area and the Ventilation business area are launched.



Lindab has launched the roof drainage system Rainline, and the sound lab in Farum, Denmark, is being expanded.



Sales in Eastern Europe surpasses the billion-SEK mark, and Rainline is the market leader in both the Nordic region as well as Eastern Europe.


The Lindab share makes a comeback on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and "We simplify construction" becomes Lindab's new catchphrase. The company's products are now available in 1,700 sales stores.



Lindab Safe Click is launched at the ISH fair in Germany, and a new ventilation factory is opened in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lindab acquires the company Aervent Holdings which gives Lindab a leading position in Ireland.



A year of launches. The RdBX stud, the Premium facade cassette and the Aerodim sound beam are being launched.



Lindab acquires most of company Plannja's sandwich panel production- and sales organization. This is also the year when Centrum Klima in Poland is acquired.



Lindab buys the Italian company MP3, which despite its name doesn’t have anything to do with digital audio files, but a producer of fire dampers for ventilation systems. The company IMP Klima in Slovenia is also acquired, and their main product air handling unit enables Lindab to now offer complete ventilation systems from start to finish.


The product UltraLink is launched and awarded the very next year at the Great Indoor Climate Gala for its revolutionary measurement technology.



Lindab's new warehouse and distribution center is inaugurated on the factory grounds in Grevie. The automated system improves the accuracy of deliveries and increases the efficiency.



Lindab celebrates 60 years of simplified construction year together with its employees, customers and partners!

Of course, many other great and important things have happened during the 60 years Lindab has been doing. What you read about here is a selection from the company's many years of history.
Lindab thanks all employees, customers and partners over the years who have made everything possible.