​Lindab Pascal - Next Generation of VAV System

The demand for VAV systems in modern construction is increasing and with good reason. VAV systems in general save a lot of the energy used for transportation and cooling of air. Never before has energy use and indoor climate been this high on the agenda. The fact that energy use in the building sector accounts for more than 40% of Europe’s CO2 consumption and that studies of modern office buildings show that employees are only in their offices in 50-70% of their daily working hours gives every office building an increased demand for a flexible indoor climate solution.

Lindab’s VAV solution, Pascal, is developed and designed with the purpose of simplifying and optimizing all phases of the building construction, from design to operation. This solution saves you for unnecessary energy use, regulation equipment in the ducts and a complicated installation. Lindab Pascal, the most simplified solution on the market with all you need for an optimized VAV system.

Simple design

Variable pressure system

Lindab Pascal is a variable pressure system, meaning that the pressure will vary in all parts of the system, but correct airflows will be obtained in all operating conditions. There is no need for pressure regulation of the duct system and therefore no special demands for duct design. It also means fewer components in the duct system, since there is no need for any other equipment between the fan and the diffusers in the room.

Flexible system layout

Lindab Pascal simplifies all phases of a VAV system, but simultaneously ensures high flexibility. Unlike traditional VAV systems, no zoning is needed and duct design is of less importance with Pascal. With Pascal the system is also prepared for future changes and requirements. With a flexible set-up additional diffusers can easily be added, without any need for re-balancing the system. Also a new room set-up in the building can easily be adjusted in Pascal with a simple change in the configuration.

Easy construction

Standard installation

Lindab Pascal is based on a few numbers of standard components. All standard components can be installed and after installation the individual configuration will be done. Less dampers and silencers in the system also makes the installation of Pascal simple and fast.

Easy commissioning

With Lindab Pascal no traditional balancing is needed, only system configuration. Configuration is easily done after installation and can be performed by personal with no special IT expertise. All settings and configuration can be done directly in the displays of the Regula controllers, which has predefined Pascal programs with standard default values.

Low energy consumption

Low fan pressure

Lindab Pascal takes over the control of the fans to secure low energy consumption used for air transportation in the system. Pascal reads all damper positions in the system and ensures that fans are only using necessary pressure. With a Pascal fan optimizer function the fans are being controlled by input from all rooms and no pressure regulation of the fans is needed. With no need for keeping a constant pressure in the system, combined with low pressure drop in the regulating units, Pascal requires less basic pressure from the fans than traditional VAV systems.

Demand control

Studies of modern office buildings show that employees are only in their room in 50-70% of their daily working hours and therefore Pascal has a demand control function that via a presence sensor can detect if there is no presence in a room and go to a low standby airflow level to save even more energy. CO2 control is also possible in Pascal.


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​What our customers say

"We would recommend the Pascal System to anyone interested and without doubt will be using again.”
Alun Morgan
Renewable Energy Wales / Jaxx Bay Ltd
“We wanted to achieve a modern, demand-controlled and energy-efficient ventilation system, and that’s exactly what we have got with Pascal,”
Claes Bengtsson
CEO of Pamil