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Lindab UltraLink® Controller 

Optimal indoor climate - minimum energy consumption
The popular UltraLink has now  become even more intelligent and easy to control.
 The new edition of UltraLink comes with bluetooth technology for wireless and easy commissioning.
Discover UltraLink® Controller – a new volume flow regulator
with unique technology measuring and regulating airflow.



Precise and reliable measurement
with ultrasound
​ ​                         ​
The truly unique feature is the ultrasonic sensor
technology. It can measure airflow, velocity and
temperature with a very high precision and
reliability, even at low airflow and without
unnecessary pressure loss. This means that the
damper can adjust the airflow exactly right,
regardless of the demand.




                                  ​ ​                                                         


No unnecessary obstructions
in the airflow
       Unlike traditional systems, the sensor is located
outside the air stream, so there are no
unnecessary obstructions in the airflow, reducing
the accumulation of dust and dirt particles.
This improves the performance, reduces the noise and minimizes the need to clean the system.


​ ​
Fast and easy commissioning
with Bluetooth technology
The UltraLink App is the perfect tool to monitor
and adjust the airflow directly via a mobile device,
which speeds up installation and commissioning.






​ ​                               



Rotatable UltraLink sensor and
damper housing
To provide more options during installation, the
integrated damper and the UltraLink sensor can
be rotated, which means that both parts can be positioned optimally for various occasions.






                   ​       ​
With the UltraLink® controller you have the possibility to create a more efficient
and optimised ventilation system with low maintenance costs.

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Welcome UltraLink®!
Maximise your energy savings!