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Lindab UltraLink®

Discover UltraLink®. A revolutionary technology for precise measurement and regulation of airflow without extra pressure loss in ventilation systems. It is a unique and energy-saving method of measuring airflow. 
The technology is based on ultrasound sensors, which means there are no parts in the airflow on which dirt can collect. Instead, you experience uninterrupted airflow without extra pressure loss, offering unique benefits in terms of comfort, energy efficiency, commissioning, installation, maintenance and cleaning.

  UltraLink® can now be installed with an integrated VAV damper which controls the airflow efficiently. The new feature makes it possible to integrate UltraLink in new as well as already existing VAV-systems to make the system completely energy optimised. 

Welcome UltraLink®!


Maximize your energy savings​

Upgrade your VAV system with UltraLink® to make it an energy optimised ventilation system that only consumes the exact amount of energy that is actually needed. Both environment and economy will gian fully from this. The total life cycle cost is decreased as UltraLink® requires minimal maintenance, offers high accuracy in measurement of airflow even at low airflows, gained from its high quality and optimum operation safety.​

Ultrasmart benefits 

  • Communicates with Building Management Systems
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Easy installation and control
  • Shows correct airflow, temperature and air velocity directly in the display
  • Also measures the temperature in the system

​Optimal indoor climate – comfort and energy in perfect balance

 Energy consumption has to be reduced by 20% by the year 2020. As energy consumption is still far too high, new technologies and better solutions are required to achieve this target.

An increased focus on energy saving has meant that ventilation systems with low volume flows have become increasingly common. This, in turn, has created a need for measuring instruments and methods with high accuracy even in low air flows. 

This requirement is met using UltraLink! 

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