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April 12, 2013

Annual report for 2012 published

Our annual report for 2012 has been published.

​You can download a pdf version of the annual report for 2012 here and you will soon be able to order a printed copy here.

The following qoute is taken from the interview with our newly appointed CEO Anders Berg.

"Lindab is a market leader and has the muscles needed to increase its market share further. Lindab has a strong and respected brand, an efficient and comprehensive distribution network plus the best products in the industry. The competitive advantages are plentiful but we must not wait for the economy in order to realise them fully. Instead, we will continue, in a prudent and cost-conscious way, to strengthen our distribution and develop new leading-edge products and solutions within all our business areas that live up to Lindab's ambition and business concept - to simplify construction along with our customers - more clearly than ever before."