May 15, 2017

Lindab Safety Rail Systems now available as BIM objects for Revit

Working on roofs can be highly dangerous. Legislation demands for a safe work environment are increasing and safety rail systems play an important part.
Safety rail systems are placed around surfaces that may be walked on by mistake and that cannot bear a person's weight, such as skylights (roof lights), roof windows etc. They are also placed around roof access hatches, to provide safe passage to walkways and roof ladders.
To support different applications of safety rail systems, there are three types available:
  • L-shape, with Left and Right adjustment
  • U-shape, with Standard, Left and Right adjustment
  • O-shape
Each family comes in two versions, one for small size systems and one for large.
For details about BIM objects and how to use them, please read the 'Protectline BIM for Revit' manual.
Download the new Roof Safety System BIM objects and many more from The objects are designed for Autodesk Revit 2016.
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