December 14, 2017

The next generation of BIM objects for Roof Safety Systems is now available for Revit

The first generation of BIM objects for Lindab Roof Safety System was released in May this year, and it has been used by thousands of architects since then. For us, this has been a huge success, and the feedback has been telling us that we are on the right track. Since the beginning of September, we have been working hard to make these BIM objects even better.

​Now it's here, and the new features are:
  • The new objects are from now on a part of the BIMobject® Cloud which will improve the availability for you. The platform enables the objects to be up to date using version control, and works as an engine to get better collaboration between stakeholders and much more. The BIM objects will continue to be available on
  • The objects are now surface based instead of roof based, which will increase the usability.
  • New material parameters describing the products in more detail. The full set of parameters are Quality, Coating, Colour, NCS and RAL.
  • All families (assemblies with products) contain nested shared objects meaning that all products can be scheduled individually. Due to this, it is also possible to tag or keynote each product.
  • Some families have been divided, making them lighter and faster. The families are divided according to the type of roof surface they fit on, which also makes the selection of the right family much easier.
  • We have increased the options for going into more detail, but in a scalable way. We have introduced a new parameter called 'Simplify Geometry', which toggles geometry below the roof surface ON/OFF. Our range of fastening plates for fixing the roof safety to the roof surface are also available as single products.
  • There is a new Offset parameter available to control the vertical position of the products according to the actual roof structure.
The objects are designed for Autodesk Revit 2016.