March 20, 2017

Lindab has been awarded the Swedish Competensum Award for 2017

The Competensum Award, which this year was awarded for the fifth time, go to a company in Skåne (most southern part of Sweden) that is considered a role model in their efforts to create prosperous and competitive organizations. This year, Lindab was awarded the price because of our conscious work with competencies and employee development in conjunction with the rollout of our new strategy.

​The motivation for the award is as follows:
"Competence is at the top of management's agenda since Lindab through its new strategy is in a shift from products to solutions, with a focus on employees for long term success. Leadership, culture and competencies are at the center of the anchoring work done in the organization. With the help of digital and analog venues, Lindab has managed to involve and engage all 370 managers worldwide. By taking ownership of their own development, the employees become an important link in the chain of being "One Lindab." On impressively short time it has gone from knowing to doing, and Lindab can now meet future competence needs on a global playing field, without compromising on its promise to employees and customers at home on Bjäre. This has not only proved good on paper, but also in the economic development."

Paula Terne, HR Manager, Lindab AB, comments on the price:
- "We are extremely proud of this award, especially to be seen as a role model for a sustainable leadership. Development of our employees is very important to us and we want everyone at Lindab to feel that they can grow with the company. As we see it, our journey has just begun and we see many opportunities for development in our work with employees and competence".

Recipients of the prize was Jannike Larsson, Fredrik Liedholm and Paula Terne.