August 23, 2013

Complete delivery of Coverline to Energy Tower

The Lindab delivery of facade material for the climate shell on the new, ultramodern combined heat and power plant, the Energy Tower, in Roskilde, Denmark is almost complete.

​Since the 1980s, Roskilde Municipality has been the centre for much of the waste incineration on Zealand through the combined heat and power plant, which is located just outside the town. An entirely new, considerably
more efficient and more environmentally-friendly plant is now being built just next to the existing plant – it is known as the Energy Tower.

The project not only required that the entire delivery of all facade material be from one and the same supplier, but also that the colour of all facade sheeting be adapted to a specific tone decided upon by the architect. Kai Andersen A/S, the facade cladding specialist, is responsible for the assembly of both the climate shell and the unique decor shell. "Lindab has been able to deliver the whole of this large order in a professional and reliable way. Naturally, in the colour that the architect decided upon and with the support that we have come to expect from Lindab," says Flemming Morsing, Project Manager at Kai Andersen.

The total Coverline delivery from Lindab is extensive and one of the largest to date for an individual project in Denmark: 14,000 m2 of trapezoidal profile sheeting LP1100, 5,500 m2 of sandwich panels, 9,000 m2 of interior wall cassettes and 8,500 m2 of high profile sheeting for the roof. In addition to this, there are, of course, fittings, flat sheeting and attachment material. The deliveries to Kai Andersen have been taking place since late summer 2012.

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