May 09, 2012

Lindab Pascal

A new simplified VAV solution with full potential

​Lindab now launch the next generation of VAV system with the purpose of simplifying and optimizing all phases of the building construction from design to operation. This solution saves you for unnecessary energy use, regulation equipment in the ducts and a complicated installation. Lindab Pascal, the most simplified solution on the market with all you need for an optimized VAV system.

Lindab Pascal lower your energy use. Never before have energy use and indoor climate been this high on the agenda. The fact that energy use in the building sector accounts for more than 40% of Europe’s CO2 consumption and that studies of modern office buildings shows that employees are only in their offices in 70% of their daily working hours gives every office building an increase demand for a flexible indoor climate solution. Lindab Pascal has a demand control function that via a presence sensor can detect if there is any presence in the rooms and go to a low non-occupancy airflow level to optimize the energy consumption.
Lindab Pascal is a solution that makes it more simple to fulfil the needs for a well functioning VAV system. The solution is basically based on volume flow regulation which makes it a variable pressure system. Unlike constant pressure systems in the market today the duct layout is of less importance and the need for regulation equipment is less. With a variable pressure system it is possible to obtain correct airflows in all parts of the system and in all operating conditions. In the heart of the Pascal solution you will find the MBBV box. The MBBV box regulates each diffuser in the system to correct airflow. The unique linear cone damper technology of MBBV, which makes it possible to handle up to 200 Pa with low sound level, combined with an integrated actuator with precise flow measurement, eliminates the need for any other regulation equipment between the fan and the MBBV box. All components used in the solution are with standard settings from factory and can easily be adjusted and commissioned after installation. With only a few standard components, no special requirements for duct layout and a flexible system set up, Pascal makes designing, installation and commissioning so much easier.

The demand for VAV systems in modern construction is increasing and with good reason. VAV systems in general save a lot of the energy used for transportation and cooling of air. With the Pascal solution it is possible to lower the energy consumption even more. Instead of a traditional pressure regulation of the fan, the Pascal solution has a fan optimizer function that controls the fan speed of both supply and exhaust fan. The system makes sure that at least one damper in the system is 85% open, which ensures that enough air is available in all parts of the system, but at the same time ensures that the fan does not provide more pressure than necessary. For optimal fan control Pascal reads all damper positions at room level.

Lindab Pascal simplifies construction...


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