January 21, 2014

Lindab moves rubber-gasket production in-house

Lindab has moved its rubber gasket production in-house to its Polish manufacturing site in Warsaw instead of purchasing from external suppliers. The move was completed during 2013 and has been a proven success, also replacing talcum as a lubricant.

The lubricant is important for the ease of installation and is now a property of the material itself, improving the working environment and the smooth operation of the machines. The payoff of the total investment is only 4 months, bringing a substantial saving to Lindab. The other benefits are full control of production costs, improved quality, lead times and delivery accuracy.
CEO, Anders Berg comments:
“This is a great example of Back to Basics – Into the Future where the outcome improves the operating leverage by reducing costs and improving production flows. Moreover it increases “Customer Success” by improving the quality and the delivery accuracy. And, not least, it shows great creativity and speed of execution by our team. Well done to everyone involved in this project!”