February 11, 2016

Lindab strengthens the commitment to energy efficient ventilation solutions by acquisition of FlowPad

Lindab has signed an agreement on acquiring all rights to the technology related to FlowPad®, a newly developed technology for measuring airflow and air temperature without pressure loss in HVAC systems.

The technology is unique in the application for HVAC systems and for the benefit of e.g. higher energy performance, controlling, commissioning and balancing.
Products and systems, based on this new technology, will be introduced during 2016.
Anders Berg, Lindab's President and CEO commented:
"The acquisition of the technology related to FlowPad is a noticeable step for Lindab, which confirms Lindab's commitment to create energy efficient systems and added value for our customers and end users."
Anders Berg, President and CEO 
Email: anders.berg@lindab.com  
Mobile: +46 (0) 70 35 89155
Bengt Andersson, Product and Market director 
Email: bengt.andersson@lindab.com
Mobil: +46 (0)70 59 14532