August 29, 2018

A new standard from Lindab simplifies construction

The cruise industry is booming. While the ships are getting bigger and more complex, the passengers’ demands for luxury and comfort follow suit. As a provider of ventilation solu-tions to the marine industry, Lindab experiences these changes first hand.

Within the last couple of years, the cruise industry has experienced a substantial growth in both passenger, revenue and the sizes of the ships.
”Modern cruise ships are enormous, and their construction have become increasingly complex. At Lindab we have looked at what we can do to help simplify the building process. The result is a new standard that makes installation both easier and more flexible,” key account manager from Lindab Marine, Michael Båring explains.
Introducing a new standard
For the last 35 years Lindab has delivered ventilation solutions to the marine industry including navy, cargo, offshore, ferries and cruise ships. Of the 16 large cruise ships set to be completed this year, Lindab is main supplier of ventilation solutions on six.
With the new standard Lindab aims to further position the company as the go to supplier of air solutions to the cruise industry.
“We always strive to deliver solutions that cater to the needs of our customers. We have made installation easier with new stopping beads and a wider selection of materials and surfaces that is in demand,” Båring explains.
Build to withstand the roughest seas
Despite the enormous sizes of the ships, not everything is about volume when it comes to building cruise ships. As the ships are in almost constant contact with water their entire lifespan, the demands and regulations with regarding the quality of all components used on the ships are exceptionally high.
”Ships are more exposed to wind and water than an ordinary house or building and thus all component must be of the highest quality. We use a special type of galvanizing on all our marine products to withstand corrosion and the constant tear from the elements,” Båring says.
Helping reduce fuel consumption
On some cruise ships the ventilation system uses as much as a third of a ship’s fuel consumption. To help reduce energy waste Lindab continuously work on improving the tightness of the duct systems. This effort has led to Lindab being one of few manufacturers on the market offering duct systems certified in the highest Eurovent category.
Michael Båring explains: “we know that a ventilation takes up a substantial amount of a ships’ fuel consumption, so we consider it our responsibility to help minimize energy waste. But it is not only about the products. We take the entire value chain into consideration. With production facilities in Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic we are close to most of the European shipyards and can offer a flexible delivery and minimize transport. This is good both for the environment and for the customers. We call it Good Thinking.”     

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