March 10, 2015

Evolution rather than revolution when Lindab changes logotype

When industry mainstay Lindab changes it´s logotype, it´s done with a great deal of respect for the company’s history. The blue colour, the font and the company’s characteristic five half circles are still present. The five half circles that form a stylised tube, were first visible in the logotype on a film clip from 1962 and have been present on every reincarnation of Lindab’s logotype ever since.

- You will recognise Lindab. We simplify what we have and make it better. Our business idea is to simplify construction so it’s natural for us to simplify our logo as well. The previous logo could be hard to work with. Now we get a more modern look and at the same time we minimise risks for mistakes, says Camilla Andreasson, Marketing Communication Manager at Lindab.

The new logo was produced in-house by Lindab’s marketing team and has been based on Lindab’s well-known packaging concept. During the work with the packaging it was noted that the logo wasn’t very clear or visible and was therefore omitted from the iconic blue boxes.

The timing is right

Lindab believes that the timing of the logotype change is right, considering the evolution of the company that is gaining pace. Lindab has recently made major structural changes and has launched a new strategy.

- With the changes in structure and strategy, now is the right time to make this change as well. Both the strategy and the new logotype are primarily coming from the inside of the company and have the same objectives. The same Lindab, just stronger and better equipped for the time we live in, says Anders Berg, CEO at Lindab.

Two versions

The new Lindab logotype comes in two versions. A primary logotype, that is similar to the previous one to a great extent, and a secondary version for use on more square areas.
Our new logo will be officially launched at the exhibition ISH in Frankfurt today (10th of March). During a transitional period the previous logo will exist side by side with the new one and will be phased out over time.
If you want you can see the movie about the Lindab logotype here.