September 12, 2016

New version of Lindab Structural Designer

Version 1.4 of Lindab's popular design software for purlins (C, Z and U), roof and wall cladding and hat sections has been released.

​Updates in version 1.4

  • New languages; Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.
  • New product range for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Changed profile range for Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,
    Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
  • Bug fix: axial load.
  • Interface updates

Download Lindab Structural Designer

(Note: You have to be a member of Lindab Information Gateway to be able to download. You can apply here)

About Lindab Structural Designer

LindabStructuralDesigner is a Eurocode based design software for purlins (C, Z  and U), roof and wall cladding and hat sections. Lindab's complete range of profiles are included. The software makes calculations both for ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state. The software can also be used to optimise the centre distances and section thicknesses to get the best solution for your design. The software has a special module for analysis of snow pockets.