September 12, 2012

Komatsu production plant: 50,200 m² in 15 months

Lindab Buildings: New contest “Best Building Solution” - winner in category “Big & Simple”

Komatsu production plant: 50,200 m² in 15 months
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited a new production facility in Yaroslavl, owned by leading Japanese construction equipment manufacturer Komatsu and supplied by Lindab Buildings.
Prime Minister Putin stated: ”I would like to emphasize that our Japanese partners constructed this facility in a very short period of time: a year and three months. They managed to do so during the global economic downturn, when conditions were difficult in both the Russian and Japanese economies. Nevertheless, they rose to the task and did an excellent job.”   
Customer:           Komatsu Manufacturing Rus LLC
Architect:            Kajima (Japan)