January 18, 2012

New LADA car dealership in Biysk, Russia

Building of the Month in December 2011

Company Biysk-Auto is an authorized dealer of AVTOVAZ in the city of Biysk (Russia). When the company thought of opening a new LADA car dealership, it chose Lindab steel building and Metallomontazh+, Lindab Builder from Barnaul, who built it. The important requirements were short construction terms and high quality of a building.
It took only 3 months to erect the center. An aesthetic building meets all corporate brand requirements. The total area is 1,800m2. LPR roof system with insulation of 200mm, and LPA wall system were used. The building was engineered to survive up to 8 points of seismicity.
The new LADA car dealership sells the cars of this brand and offers pre- and after sales services.
The customer was satisfied with the building and placed an order for the second one! Just consider the fact, that steel structures will run from Lindab Buildings plant in Yaroslavl to Biysk 3,520km (for comparison, distance from Moscow to Barcelona by car is 3,690km).
Customer: Biysk-Auto
Builder: Metallomontazh+
Architect: Proektnaya Masterskaya ХХI vek, architect Galina Novikova