May 25, 2012

Building of the Month – May 2012

Steel building for flowers wholesale “Róża” from Katowice

Wholesale of flowers called “Róża” was built for a private investor, who has been growing and selling flowers for many years. The owner, trying to meet the demands of customers, offers a full range of plants and ornaments and tools for their care.

The company cooperates with other wholesalers, flower shops, institutions and all other interested buyers offering in bulk quantities only.
TMT Wadowice has built a functional building consisting of a steel building with an area of ​​4500m2 and a two-storey office with an area of ​​640m2. Assembly together with cladding lasted 4 months. The AZM3 warehouse is equipped with DSR roof and sandwich panels with a thickness of 100mm.

Client has chosen Lindab Buildings’ system for this project, because of good experience. He has already built one building with this technology and in the future he plans to extend it.

TMT Wadowice company built a functional and aesthetic building. Lightweight steel construction proved to be ideal for this type of buildings. 
Builder:          TMT WADOWICE
Customer:      Wholesale of flowers “Róża”, Katowice (Poland)
Architect:       SBE 415 s.c. Kanik, Stożek, Zapolski