April 30, 2012

Energy efficiency

Lindab Buildings bridge system reports first class results

Thermography with an infrared (IR) camera is a valuable tool for energetic inspections of industrial buildings. The IR video and still cameras enable inspection of the outside and inside surfaces of the building for absolute temperature level and temperature gradients. High-sensitivity thermography is thus an effective way to measure insulation performance and discover heat bridges which are potentially dangerous for formation of condensation, humidity as well as heat losses. 
Such a thermographic inspection has recently been conducted by an independent expert on a Lindab building. This building featured a single-skin bridge roof system. The inspection considered several locations in the building: ordinary roof, details at endwall, skylight and building corner. A high-sensitivity IR camera was used producing thermographic images with a fine graduation for temperature changes (0.5°C per color).

The thermographic images show that the inside surface of the roof and the purlins have close to the same color. Thus all surface temperature are within a range of 0.5 °C, only negligible temperature differences at the bridge rails could be recorded, meaning that the bridge roof system performs very well in terms of avoiding heat bridges.

The Bridge Roof System can certainly be considered as one solution for achieving the trend to lower primary energy consumption of a building and less heat bridges. In fact, the bridge system provides an economical alternative in comparison to the double skin roof, providing outstanding U-values from 0.34 to 0.25 W/(m².K) depending on the selected panel (LPR1000 or LMR600) and on the insulation thickness of up to 160mm while keeping all the advantages of single-skin roofs: price, lightweight, and acoustic comfort.

This is another example of how an integrated design and supply of the complete Lindab Buildings product can provide lower operating costs for the end customer who at the same time owns an environmentally friendly building.