October 04, 2012

We Simplify Construction: New Ridge Cap for an Easy and Smart Roof

Following the release of the revolutionary new Lindab inside gutter system, we now launch a new optimized ridge cap solution for LPR1000 roofs.

​The new ridge cap has a special shape and components which guarantee optimum weather integrity. To achieve better stability and durability at the panel connection, a wider closure made of high density closed cells polyethylene foam is used in combination with our well proven mastic.
The system is designed to resist under the most severe conditions, from the high temperatures of the Sahara to the extremely cold Siberian weather.

As speed of construction and functionality are key issues for Builders, the new ridge cap has been designed for simple and fast erection. The roof slopes are now uncoupled and do not need any more perfect alignment.
Thanks to this new system you get a simple and effective solution, allowing for thermal dilatation of the roof slopes.

• Excellent weather integrity
• Long-lasting and effective, allowing for dilatations
• Can be fitted in all weather conditions
• Complete and reliable system with wider foam block
• Simplified erection, faster
• Optimised roof construction concept
• Well-designed solution

For a high-tech, durable and easy-care roof!