June 25, 2012

Improved overall Quality – lowest claim ratio ever

Lindab Buildings wants to give customers the best possible service and support in the different steps from sales support to jobsite delivery and we are pleased to report that in 2011 we registered the lowest claim ratio ever.

​In fact, we have succeeded to reduce the claim ratio per ton significantly since 2000. If you view it from the other side, it means, that we have now historically the highest ratio of deliveries without any claim.
Having a look at the regarding diagram,
you can see clearly that the trend is improving constantly. Some minor peaks are caused by extraordinary high production volume.
Improved Quality Management, an effective teamwork

This positive quality trend is driven by the Quality Management System implemented. For every individual claim an analysis is conducted with all staff involved from different departments in order to understand why the error occurred and to determine the actions necessary to avoid a re-occurrence and thus to improve Quality.

This enhanced communication and teamwork has led to the development of essential processes and improvements to ensure that a Quality Service is provided to our Customers.
From corrective actions to real innovations

Since this precise root cause analysis started, more than 150 improvements were completed. A lot of small steps but also some larger improvements could be implemented such as the new Lindab inside gutter, which offers perfect watertightness, an increased LPR tightness, etc…
Other actions are in process and scheduled in 2012 to strengthen Lindab’s ability to contribute to Customer success.