November 14, 2018

Lindab sandwich panels now available for Revit

The first version of Sandwich BIM for Revit is here!

The new BIM-package contains the following sandwich panels:
  • Sandwich Panel LIGHT
  • Sandwich Panel BASE
  • Sandwich Panel PLUS
The sandwich panels are available as wall types and they come with parameters for U-value, Airborne sound insulation, Fire resistance etc. We have also included external and internal material parameters such as Profile, Quality, Coating, Colour, NCS and RAL.
To enable a more detailed and aesthetic design, we have also included more than 10 of our most used flashings for sandwich panels:
  • Upper parapet flashings
  • Gable barge board flashings
  • Roof drip edge flashings
  • Roof soffit flashings
  • Front eaves flashings
  • External and internal corner flashings
  • Vertical joint flashings
  • Wall base flashings
The flashings are available as generic model families, and they come with material parameters for Quality, Coating, Colour, NCS and RAL.
The BIM objects are available at and