Nieuws: Pageshttp://www.lindab.comRSS feed for the Pages list.Sun, 09 Aug 2020 18:14:43 GMTMicrosoft SharePoint Foundation RSS Generator60en-USlistNieuws: Pages of Quarter 3<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/BOQ_3_505_284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​<span style="line-height:115%;font-family:'calibri', 'sans-serif';color:#548dd4;font-size:14pt"><strong>French Builder ROC carries out its first building</strong></span></p> <div><span>With approximately 6.000 m², this business incubator hosts offices and business premises on two levels, with also a parking on the first floor. This complex is the first building of the French Builder ROC (Groupe Villemain in Orléans, France) and was erected in one phase. It is formed of two separated buildings linked with a third one.<span>  <br /></span></span></div> <div><span>The first building is quite conventional, but the second one catches the eye from an architectural and technical point of view. The rounded shape is a consequence of the curved beams at the end of the building which are incorporated in the thickness of the floor. Each axis is supported by two columns and a double end cantilever (length 15 m) is partially integrated in the whole floor.</span></div> <div><span> </span></div> <div><span>Another technical feature: the sheeting of the building placed on the Lindab structure, supports a second tubular structure, also produced by Lindab and equipped with perforated panels, thus increasing the effects on the color of the walls: the color changes according to the view angle.</span></div> <p> </p> <div><span>The INODEK system and the fast erection definitively conquered the contracting authority, SEMIIC, a real estate developer of buildings for the Tertiary Sector.</span></div> <div style="text-align:justify"> </div> <p> </p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 20-12-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:18 GMT of the month november 2011<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/BOM_11_505_284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div> </div> <div style="text-align:justify"><div>A new conceptual 3S Nissan center (Sale, Service and Spare parts) has opened in Nikolaev, Ukraine. The steel Lindab building was constructed by NPSM, authorized Lindab Builder, and is up to the highest standards of Nissan. Total area of the center is 3,096m² with a show room of 600m². <br /></div> <div>The car dealership offers full range of Nissan cars. The center includes a service station, a store of original spare parts and accessories, a paint shop, a bodywork shop, a car wash. The station has 7 service posts. Near the center there is a convenient parking zone. </div> <div><br />Customer of the building is N-AUTO, authorized distributor of Nissan cars <br />in Nikolaev, Ukraine.</div></div> <div> </div> <div style="text-align:justify">​</div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 9-12-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:20 GMT Direct no 3, 2011,-2011.aspx<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/LindabDirect-3-2011-505x284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​Some of the articles in no 3, 2011:</p> <ul><li>Healthy housing</li> <li>Innovative indoor climate</li> <li>New roof in no time</li> <li>New inside Gutter</li> <li>Rescued indoor climate at DR Byen</li> <li>Uniform steel shell for Cluj Arena</li></ul> <p><a href="">&gt; Read the web magazine, Lindab Direct no 3, 2011</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 7-12-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:33 GMT videos<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/RevitToolsTutorial1-505x284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">&gt; Videopresentation</a></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">&gt; Tutorial 1 - Interior wall design</a></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">&gt; Tutorial 2 - Interior wall framing</a></p> <p><a href=";feature=player_profilepage" target="_blank">&gt; Tutorial 3 - Exterior wall framing</a></p> <p><a href="/nl/pro/software/building-components/Pages/LindabRevitTools.aspx">&gt; More information</a><a href="/nl/pro/software/building-components/Pages/LindabRevitTools.aspx"></a></p> <p> </p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 25-11-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:36 GMT quality superstructure without the hassle<div> <p>​Directline Structures Ltd offers a complete design build service, specialising in commercial, industrial and educational buildings.</p> <p>Duncan Murray, MD of Directline, has been an approved Lindab Builder since he set up his business over 20 years ago, and uses the structural system as the basis for most of his building projects.</p> <p>“A Chartered Civil Engineer, I was looking for a quality superstructure that I could rely upon and was attracted by Lindab’s holistic approach and integrated design. There is a distinct advantage in sourcing most of the<br />elements of a building from one supplier and where everything is designed to go together to produce a quality product.”</p> <p>Read the whole article in pdf:<br /><a href="/nl/Documents/Buildings/News/Directline%20Testamonial%20Leaflet.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" alt="Directline Testamonial Leaflet.pdf" src="/nl/pro/about-lindab/news/_layouts/images/pdf16.gif" />Directline Testamonial Leaflet.pdf</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 24-11-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:15 GMT successful UK building network<div> ​<font face="Helvetica" size="3"><font face="Helvetica" size="3">Lindab Building Systems designs and manufactures quality design build solutions – from prestigious offices and showrooms to large clear<div> span spaces for manufacturing, warehousing or retail – based on proven Lindab technology.</div> <div> </div> <div>Lindab is a successful European business specialising in pre-engineered steel structures for commercial and industrial applications that forms<br />long-term relationships with established building contractors to offer a complete turnkey solution. </div> <div> </div> <div>Read the whole article in pdf:</div> <div><a href="/nl/Documents/Buildings/News/Builder%20Recruitment%20Leaflet.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" alt="Builder Recruitment Leaflet.pdf" src="/nl/pro/about-lindab/news/_layouts/images/pdf16.gif" />Builder Recruitment Leaflet.pdf</a></div></font></font></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 17-11-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:39 GMT 2012.0<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/ScreenRevitTools505x284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> ​<span lang="EN-US"><font face="Calibri">The extension contains and complete toolset for light gauge steel framing. When using the software, it is possible to create: </font></span><div><span lang="EN-US"><font face="Calibri"> </font></span></div> <div><span lang="EN-US"><span><font face="Calibri">-</font><span style="font:7pt &quot;times new roman&quot;">          </span></span></span><span lang="EN-US"><font face="Calibri">Wall tags </font></span></div> <div><span lang="EN-US"><span><font face="Calibri">-</font><span style="font:7pt &quot;times new roman&quot;">          </span></span></span><span lang="EN-US"><font face="Calibri">Wall section schedules </font></span></div> <div><span lang="EN-US"><span><font face="Calibri">-</font><span style="font:7pt &quot;times new roman&quot;">          </span></span></span><span lang="EN-US"><font face="Calibri">Exterior and interior wall elements </font></span></div> <div><span lang="EN-US"><span><font face="Calibri">-</font><span style="font:7pt &quot;times new roman&quot;">          </span></span></span><span lang="EN-US"><font face="Calibri">Material lists for light gauge steel profiles </font></span></div> <div><span lang="EN-US"><span><font face="Calibri">-</font><span style="font:7pt &quot;times new roman&quot;">          </span></span></span><span lang="EN-US"><font face="Calibri">Material lists for wall layer materials </font></span></div> <div><span lang="EN-US"><span><font face="Calibri">-</font><span style="font:7pt &quot;times new roman&quot;">          </span></span></span><span lang="EN-US"><font face="Calibri">Wall sheets</font></span></div> <div><span lang="EN-US"></span> </div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US"><span lang="EN-US"><a href="" target="_blank">Read more here</a></span></span></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 23-10-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:35 GMT buildings launches a new inside roof drainage system<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/Lindab_inside_gutter_505_284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div style="text-align:justify"><div>Lindab inside gutter is a new comprehensive insulated gutter system developed by Lindab Buildings with completely new technological solutions which guarantees weatherproofing and extra resistance. </div> <div>​</div></div> <div style="text-align:justify">It has been designed for all <strong>LPR1000, single skin, bridge and double skin roof</strong><strong>s</strong>. It has also been adapted for the various sandwich roofs ordered from Lindab Buildings. </div> <div style="text-align:justify"> </div> <div style="text-align:justify"> <strong>Perfect weatherproof performance</strong></div> <div style="text-align:justify"><div> Available for <strong>all roof types and sizes </strong></div> <div> <strong>Monoblock/monolithic gutter </strong></div> <div> </div> <div> </div></div> <div style="text-align:justify"><div><span>Lindab Inside Gutter consists of a <strong>complete system of components,  ends and pipe connectors</strong>. The upper water draining gutter profile is connected to the roof by <strong>flexible flashings</strong>; the gutter is therefore<strong> independent </strong>from the building structure. It is completely <strong>free from stresses</strong> and allows <strong>expanding, under temperature variations </strong>while being entirely tightened all around to the roof sheeting. By using an <strong>UV resistant innovative material </strong>on the outer surface of the gutter system, <strong>high impact resistance, perfect weatherproofing and longevity </strong>are achieved. </span></div> <div><span></span> </div> <div><span>The new gutter is<strong> monolithic</strong>, with <strong>no screws in the water area</strong>. Lindab Inside Gutter is an<strong> insulated gutter </strong>that can be fully adapted to the insulation level selected for the individual steel building. This roof drainage system is design to resist under the most severe conditions, from the high temperatures of Sahara to the extremely cold Siberia weather</span>.<span></span></div> <div><span>The result is a sustainable system with improved performance (erection, safety and handling) and recyclable, optimized water flow control. </span></div> . </div> <div style="text-align:justify"> </div> <div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Advantages:</strong></div> <div style="text-align:justify"> </div> <ul><li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Proven </strong><strong>waterproofing</strong><strong> qualities</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Long lasting and effective</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Low maintenance costs</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>No screws in the water area</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Monoblock/monolithic gutter</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Free moving, free dilatation</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Panel goes inside the gutter</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Sustainable solution  </strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>Totally recyclable </strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>UV resistant</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>High aging resistance</strong></div></li> <li><div style="text-align:justify"><strong>175mm depth for a better water flow control</strong></div></li></ul> <div style="text-align:justify"> </div> <div style="text-align:justify"> </div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 13-10-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:30 GMT Building of the Month - September 2011<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/BOM_9_505_284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div><span style="font-family:'arial', 'sans-serif'">The family owned company Wertbau is a Lindab builder since 1986 with actually 270 reference buildings based on the Lindab system. </span></div> <div style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-family:'arial', 'sans-serif'"></span> </div> <div style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-family:'arial', 'sans-serif'">Wertbau is specialized on individual turnkey solutions for middle sized companies and built already projects up to 10.000m². In many buildings they used the full Lindab product range to fulfill the customers` needs in terms of acoustic, internal logistic or material flow. </span><span style="font-family:'arial', 'sans-serif'">The Heko project is a good example to demonstrate that philosophy. The region in South Germany around the black forest is very well known for specialists in pharmaceutical equipment, medical tools and precision turning technologies. Heko is one of those specialists. </span></div> <div style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-family:'arial', 'sans-serif'"></span> </div> <div style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-family:'arial', 'sans-serif'">The new plant and office area with a total surface of about 2.000m² is a milestone in the company`s history to strengthen its position in a global market. A vertical sinus wave used for the cladding of the walls combined with a modern brick-wall-glass combination in the office area presents the company in a modern look. Wertbau understands to set individual eye catchers as done for the very impressive but low cost entrance area designed by Wertbau. Mr. Terlinden, owner of company Wertbau, points out that a major factor of his business is the full service package he offers to his customers. Based on long and experienced partnerships with professional subcontractors he continuously leads his projects to success.</span><b><span style="font-family:'arial', 'sans-serif'"> </span></b></div> <div><b><span style="font-family:'arial', 'sans-serif'"> </span></b>   </div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 11-10-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:28 GMT adds new sales channels within Ventilation<div> ​President and CEO, David Brodetsky comments:<div>&quot;Flexi Shop is an excellent complement to our manned branches. It is entirely in line with our aim of making life easier for our customers and giving them the best service. Thanks to the Flexi Shop being open 24/7, our customers can plan their working day and pick up their goods when it best suits them and their customers.</div> <div>We have strong focus on expanding and developing the sales channels within the Ventilation business area and this is just one of many examples. I can also mention that we have added new selling points in Lille and Bordeaux, France, and that we will be opening a new branch on the island of Gotland, Sweden.&quot; </div> <div><strong class="hugin">END</strong></div> <div>The information here is that which Lindab International AB has willingly chosen to make public or that which it is obliged to make public according to the Swedish Securities Market Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act.</div> <div> </div> <div><strong class="hugin">Contacts: </strong></div> <div>LINDAB <br class="hugin" />David Brodetsky, CEO<br class="hugin" />Email: <a class="hugin" href="" target="_blank"><font color="#0072bc"></font></a><br class="hugin" />Mobile: +46 (0)73 274 5418</div> <div> </div> <div>Nils-Johan Andersson, Business Area Manager, Ventilation <br class="hugin" />Email: <a class="hugin" href="" target="_blank"><font color="#0072bc"></font></a> <br class="hugin" />Mobile:+46 (0)70 668 5075</div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <div><strong class="hugin">Lindab - A Ventilation and Building Products company: </strong><strong class="hugin"></strong></div> <div>Lindab develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and system solutions primarily in steel for simplified construction and improved indoor climate. </div> <div>The business is carried out within three business areas, Ventilation, Building Components and Building Systems. The products are characterised by their high quality, ease of assembly, energy efficiency, consideration towards the environment, and are delivered with high levels of service. Altogether, this increases customer value.</div> <div>The Group had net sales of SEK 6,527 m in 2010, was established in 31 countries and had approximately 4,400 employees. The main market is non-residential construction, which accounts for 80 percent of sales, while residential accounts for 20 percent of sales. During 2010, the Nordic market accounted for 45 percent, CEE/CIS (Central and Eastern Europe as well as other former Soviet states) for 22 percent, Western Europe for 29 percent and other markets for 4 percent of total sales. </div> <div>The share is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange, Stockholm, Mid Cap, under the ticker symbol LIAB. For more information visit <a class="hugin" href="" target="_blank"><font color="#0072bc"></font></a>.</div> </div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 14-9-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:26 GMT Building of the Month - May 2011<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/BOM_5_505_284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div style="text-align:justify"><div>New printing house</div> <div>The Lindab building of the month (May 2011) was built by Wielkopolskie Przedsiębiorstwo Inżynierii Przmysłowej. New printing house of Janusz Nowak located in Wysogotowo near Poznań (Poland) consists of a production hall (1149 m²) office (1041 m²), book bindery (1097 m²) and warehouse (1445 m²). Erection of this building lasted 3 months. Currently the building has about 60 employees. </div> <div> </div> <div>Lindab Builder WPIP has built functional building, which will allow for fast, easy and accurate processing of orders.  </div></div> <div><div>   </div> <div> ​</div></div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 13-7-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:19 GMT launches a new demand controlled indoor climate system - eHybrid.<div> <p>​It is a surprising and the most inconvenient truth that properties account for approximately 40 % of energy consumption. It presents challenges for architects, consultants and property owners who must balance the need between comfort and energy consumption. Moreover, when talking about office buildings, these workplaces are only populated between 50 and 70 % of the time. What happens if you collect the room’s ventilation system, heating, cooling and lighting into a single device and then add an integrated demand-control. The result is Lindab’s new ECOhybrid system, a perfect room climate energy savings often greater than 30 %.</p> <p>The new eHybrid system is a DCC system that is based on Lindab’s well recognized and lengthy experience in both chilled beam and ventilation technology. From an energy perspective, the eHybrid system combines -- chilled beam technology’s low transmission losses and small air requirements with the potential of ventilation technology for VAV/DCV* control. By using a chilled beam, it is only the need for fresh air that governs the ventilation quantity, offering a significant energy saving. ‘‘This reduced need for supplied air results in clear energy gains,’’ continues Dag Wallin. ‘‘A duct system in smaller size also results in reduced transmission losses, which further increases the energy gains. With the addition of eHybrid’s integrated sensor, which turns off the lights and reduces air supply and tempering when no one is present in the room, this leads to energy savings typically exceeding 30 %. Lower energy consumption, optimized indoor climate and contributing to make a sustainable future - we call it simplified construction.’’</p> <p><a href="/nl/pro/products/Pages/Hided%20products/eHybrid.aspx">&gt; More about eHybrid</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 30-6-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:24 GMT Direct no 2, 2011<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/LD-2011-2-505x284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>Some of the articles in no 2, 2011:</p> <ul><li>Industrial park in complete construction kits</li> <li>Home ventilation - a new focus on residential property</li> <li>Steely attitude for attractive buildings​</li> <li>LEED project with active selection of active diffusers</li> <li>Innovative sustainability and Lindab Rainline</li></ul> <p><a href="" target="_blank">&gt; Read the web magazine, Lindab Direct no 2, 2011</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 23-5-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:32 GMT Smart tools!<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/cdl210-pc410-505x284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div><h2 class="lindab-rteElement-H2">CDL210</h2> <div>The Air Quality meter measures the CO2 level, the air temperature and the humidity and logs the measured data. It is therefore ideal for the monitoring and the evaluation of the interior climate in living spaces and in commercial premises.</div> <div> </div> <div><div><a href="/nl/pro/products/Pages/CDL210.aspx"><strong><font color="#0776d3">&gt; Read more about CDL210</font></strong></a></div></div> <div> </div></div> <div><h2 class="lindab-rteElement-H2">PC410</h2> <div>The pressure meter simplifies balancing of valves, reducers and diffusers. It has a powerful magnet so that you can attach it to the ventilation system while measuring and adjusting. Its small size and smart design makes it ideal for measuring on the go. The New PC410 gives you a possibility to measure variable k-factors which saves a lot of time for the person balancing the ventilation system.</div> <div> </div> <div><a href="/nl/pro/products/Pages/PC410.aspx">&gt; Read more about PC410</a><br /></div> <div>​</div></div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 23-5-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:21 GMT industrial premises for Lindab Builder Schneider Systembau GmbH<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/BOM_3_505_284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div style="text-align:justify">​The company, that has been a Lindab builder for 20 years, needed a new production site and office space. While the office complex is a conventional building, Schneider Systembau decided to plan and construct the production site with Lindab to pool more than 70 years of experience and knowledge into one steel construction. Consisting of two buildings with two crane bridges each, the site covers a surface of 5,500m² and, with a height of 7m, provides plenty of space for the assembly of large and complex steel constructions as well as the handling of prefabricated elements.</div> <div style="text-align:justify"> </div> <div style="text-align:justify">Builder: Schneider Systembau GmbH (Germany) </div> <div>Customer: Schneider Systembau GmbH </div> <div>Architect: Schneider Systembau GmbH </div> <div> </div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 13-5-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:16 GMT car dealership in Ukraine<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/BOM_2011_01_1_505x284.JPG" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">The car dealership was constructed by Sakti Plus, an authorized builder from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Erection time was two months only!</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">The Customer of the building, Art-Motors company, official importer of Lexus cars in Ukraine, to better serve its Clients, needed a new building that would meet the highest standards of Lexus Retail Concept. Sakti Plus offered an optimal solution for this – Lindab steel building, with short delivery and construction terms, and won the order.</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">The highly aesthetical and functional car dealership offers its Clients a full range of Lexus cars in the spacious show-room with an area 900 sq. m, as well as car maintenance in the service zone. The center provides complex service within 3S concept – sales, service and spare parts. A cosy cafe helps Clients to relax.</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">We congratulate Sakti Plus with the victory and wish new interesting projects!</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">Builder:<span>        </span>SAKTI PLUS<br /></span><span lang="EN-US">Project:<span>        </span>Art-Motors<br /></span><span lang="EN-US">Architect:<span>     </span>ADS Info</span></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 12-4-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:27 GMT Sports Facilities<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/BOM_2011_02_2_505x284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">Another important achievement of Asiad is brand new sports arenas that will serve Kazakhstan athletes for trainings long after the Games are over. The Kazakhstan Sport Palace, for instance, is equipped with a modern skating rink with 1000 seats stands and meets all Olympic standards.</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">On the 1st of February the Palace hosted men’s ice hockey championship between Kazakhstan and China national teams. The game was attended by the President of Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">The new skating rink was built employing unique Lindab Buildings constractions. The building possesses a 6400 m2 non-standard arch roof supported by special pillars and a gallery connecting the main building with the rink. The erection of the building was carried out by Contractstroy-A Company, Lindab Buildings authorized Builder from Astana. The design was made by the architect Vladimir Laptev.</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">LMR600 seamed roof system used in the project with integrated natural ventilation is perfect for the acutely continental climate of Astana with its rigorous winters and sultry summers. </span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">The new skating rink will promote further achievements of Kazakhstan sportsmen!</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span lang="EN-US">Builder: Contractstroy-A<br /></span><span lang="EN-US">Customer: Astana city administration<br /></span><span lang="EN-US">Architect: Vladimir Laptev</span></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 12-4-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:38 GMT Report 2010<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/annual-report-2010-505x284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div>Lindab has today published its Annual Report 2010. It is also available on the corporate website, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</div> <div> </div> <div>In the introduction of the CEO foreword, Lindab's President and CEO David Brodetsky says that 2010 &quot;has definitely been a step in the right direction. We have done many good things that have strengthened our position and which will enable us to take advantage of long-term developments.&quot;</div> <div> </div> <div>&quot;We will benefit from our early decision not to exit any markets. When demand picks up we should be quickly able to take advantage and gain share&quot;, he continues. &quot;We have consolidated our production and now have a better manufacturing footprint, notably by increasing our presence in key emerging markets such as Russia.&quot;</div> <div> </div> <div>President and CEO David Brodetsky concludes the CEO foreword with a forward-looking statement for 2011:</div> <div> </div> <div>&quot;We expect 2011 to be a year with growth, but this will be limited in the non-residential construction segment. We are continuing to focus on cost control, but the most important thing is that we implement sales activities and other initiatives in line with our updated strategy.&quot;</div> <div> </div> <div><a href="">&gt; To read the Annual Report 2010</a></div> <div> </div> </div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 6-4-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:14 GMT Direct no 1, 2011,-no-1,-2011.aspx<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Global/News/LindabDirect-1-2011-505x284.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>Some of the articles in no 1, 2011:</p> <ul><li>Lindab Trollhättan - new branch opened</li> <li>New strategy - charged with customer benefits</li> <li>Lindab Rainline Centre - full hand of advantages</li> <li>30% lower energy costs - with new eHybrid</li> <li>Exciting architecture - with solutions from Lindab-Astron</li></ul> <p> <a href="">&gt; Read the web magazine, Lindab Direct no 1, 2011</a></p> <p> </p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 12-1-2011 0:00</div> SE\svcSPSetup006Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:27:31 GMT