News & Press: Pageshttp://www.lindab.comRSS feed for the Pages list.Thu, 09 Apr 2020 04:50:58 GMTMicrosoft SharePoint Foundation RSS Generator60en-USlistNews & Press: Pages options for UltraLink<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/UltraLink%202020/News%20Header.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>In addition to the existing galvanised finish, the controller is now available in stainless steel or with the main body painted in black or white. </p> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt"><font face="Calibri">As a further improvement we have added a black pre-assembled cable to the blue box. This is a great improvement, since installers no longer need to open the blue box and plug in separate cables. </font></div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt"> </div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt">The UltraLink controller consists of a sensor unit attached to a damper body with integrated Lindab Safe gaskets. Two flow sensors are mounted on the sensor body and connected to a display unit. The display unit is mounted on top of a shelf on the damper body.</div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt"> </div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt">The controller is suitable for measuring and controlling air flow and measuring temperature. Communication is established via analog signals or digital signal using Modbus. </div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt"> </div> <div>The Controller can also be commissioned via Bluetooth. The UltraLink App is the perfect tool to monitor and adjust the airflow directly via a mobile device, which speeds up installation and commissioning.</div> <div> </div> <h3>Find out more about the improved <a href="/global/pro/products/Pages/FTCU.aspx" target="_blank">UltraLink FTCU Controller</a></h3></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 08/04/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherWed, 08 Apr 2020 15:46:53 GMT Closure Update<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Coronabanner2_jpg.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div>Due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis, the decision has been made to temporarily cease operations at the Lindab branches in Leceister, Norwich and Stoke-on-Trent until further notice. </div> <div> </div> <div><strong>The Leicester branch will close at the end of business on Thursday 9th April.</strong></div> <div><strong></strong> </div> <div><strong>The Norwich and Stoke-on-Trent branches will close at the end of business today, Tuesday 7th April.</strong></div> <div><strong></strong> </div> <div>Orders and enquiries can still be received by email or phone using the contact details below. Where possible deliveries will be satisfied by alternative branches. </div> <div> </div> <div>We thank customers and employees for their support with ongoing adjustments.</div> <div> </div> <div><strong>Leceister</strong></div> <div>Tel: 0116 255 6044</div> <div>Email: <a href=""></a> </div> <div> </div> <div><strong>Norwich</strong></div> <div>Tel:  01603 747532</div> <div>Email: <a href="">norwich</a><a href=""></a><a href="">m</a>  </div> <div><div> </div> <div><strong>Stoke-on-Trent</strong></div> <div>Tel:  01603 747532</div> <div>Email: <a href=""></a>   </div></div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 07/04/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherTue, 07 Apr 2020 16:33:39 GMT break<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Easter/Easter2020_News.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​All branches and operations will be closed during 10th - 13th April for the Easter bank holidays. </p> <p>Our branch in Belfast will have an extended Easter break and will reopen on 20th April. </p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 07/04/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherTue, 07 Apr 2020 16:51:26 GMT the updated Big Blue Book've-updated-the-Big-Blue-Book.aspx<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Big%20Blue%20Book%20April%202020/Vent%20Price%20List%202020%20News.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> ​The updated price list, which is exclusively available in digital format, can be downloaded but we recommend that you also save it to your favourites list on your web browser. <div> </div> <div>The online version is not-only easier to use, with simple search and jump functionality, but includes links to click for more product information on our website, to purchase items through our webshop and to other online content such as videos.</div> <div> </div> <div>Click to view-  <a href="" target="_blank">The Big Blue Book of Ventilation- April 2020 Price List</a></div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 31/03/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherTue, 31 Mar 2020 19:47:23 GMT the all new Rainline price list<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Rainline%20Price%20List%202020/Lindab%20Rainline%20Price%20List%202020%20News.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​The updated price list makes it easier than ever to design, select and price your steel rainwater system.</p> <p>The pdf can be downloaded but we recommend that you also save it to your favourites list on your web browser. The online version has simple search functionality and includes links to click for more information.</p> <div>Click to view-  <a href="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Rainline%20Price%20List%202020/Lindab%20Rainline%20Price%20List%202020%20News%20Roll%20Up.jpg">Lindab Rainline - April 2020 Price List</a></div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 31/03/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherTue, 31 Mar 2020 19:59:35 GMT closures<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Coronabanner2_jpg.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​We continue to assess operations with the interests of the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers in mind.</p> <p>The decision has been made to temporarily cease operations at the Lindab branches in Aberdeen and Sheffield until further notice. </p> <p><strong>The Aberdeen branch will close at the end of business on Monday 30th March.</strong></p> <p><strong>The Sheffield branch will close at the end of business today, Friday 27th March. </strong></p> <p>Orders and enquiries can still be received by email or phone using the contact details below. Where possible deliveries will be satisfied by alternative branches. </p> <p>We thank customers and employees for their support with ongoing adjustments.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Aberdeen </strong></p> <p>Tel: 01224 708582</p> <p>Email: <a href=""></a></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Sheffield</strong></p> <p>Tel:  0114 244 5444</p> <p>Email: <a href=""></a> </p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 27/03/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherFri, 27 Mar 2020 16:14:00 GMT Direct-to-Site Surcharge<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Boxes%20News%20Header.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​We recognise that at this difficult time it is important to minimise the number of people that come into contact with deliveries.</p> <p><strong>Reducing Contact</strong></p> <p>Direct-to-site delivery means that we can send the customer's orders to them at a construction site or home address without any physical contact with the merchant or distributor. </p> <p>We hope that by removing the surcharge associated with this service we can hep minimise risk to our customers and the end users. </p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 26/03/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherThu, 26 Mar 2020 15:00:43 GMT trade counters are closing but we're still open!'re-still-open!.aspx<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Coronabanner2_jpg.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <ul><li>​Access to our walk-in trade counters will be unavailable with immediate effect</li> <li>Orders or enquiries will only be taken via email, telephone or online through our webshop</li> <li>Customers should only attend our branch at a specified collection time and a designated collection point which will be advised</li> <li>Delivery services will continue to be available</li> <li>No walk-in customers will be accepted<br /></li></ul> <div><strong>Make sure you can still place orders</strong></div> <div><strong></strong> </div> <div>Place your order by email. Here is the list of the email addresses for each of our branches. </div> <div> </div> <div><a href="/uk/pro/Documents/Lindab%20Branch%20Email%20List.pdf" target="_blank">Lindab Email List</a></div> <div> </div> <div><strong>Register now to use the webshop</strong></div> <div> </div> <div>Check prices, view or download product data sheets and access account documents in our simple online Customer Centre.  </div> <div>Orders placed on the webshop also benefit from an extra 2.5% discount.</div> <div> </div> <div><a href="" target="_blank">Lindab Webshop</a></div> <div> </div> </div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 24/03/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherTue, 24 Mar 2020 10:07:57 GMT Satisfaction Survey 2019<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/EES2019Header.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​At Lindab we are committed to providing a happy, healthy and productive workplace for all our colleagues. As part of our employee engagement strategy we undertake an annual survey of Lindab UK employees to gauge satisfaction and highlight priorities for ongoing improvement.</p> <p>We are proud to share the results and celebrate some of our successes including:</p> <ul><li>94% understand how their work impacts business goals and strategies, </li> <li>92% agree the organisation operates in a socially responsible manner,</li> <li>93% have a good working relationship with their line manager</li></ul> <p>Of course we still have room for improvement and we have received many suggestions for how we can do this. We have identified a number of ideas which will be considered with some improvements already underway. </p> <p>Full results of the survey can be accessed <a href="/uk/pro/Documents/HR/Employee%20Engagement%20Survey%20Results%202019.pdf" target="_blank">here.</a></p> <p>We thank all our employees who responded to the survey </p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 23/03/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherMon, 23 Mar 2020 12:31:52 GMT Update<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Coronabanner2_jpg.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 12pt"><span lang="SV" style="font-size:10.5pt"><font face="Arial">As the coronavirus continues to spread, we would like to inform you how we are responding to the global health crisis.</font></span></div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 12pt"><span lang="SV" style="font-size:10.5pt"><font face="Arial">We are actively monitoring the situation and the potential impact upon our operations and employees.</font></span></div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 12pt"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:10.5pt;color:black"><font face="Arial">At present, we are experiencing very few issues with our supply chain; our suppliers of components and products remain mostly unaffected. However, to ensure we have a contingency plan in place, secondary sources of these products are available in the UK. Steel sourcing is not currently affected.</font></span></div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 12pt"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:10.5pt;color:black"><font face="Arial">We have, and will continue, to follow the public health recommendations for health and hygiene as issued by the Government, Public Health England and the NHS. In addition, policies and practices have been established that restrict all unnecessary business travel, limit face to face meetings (where possible, all meetings will be conducted by Skype or over the telephone), and we have enabled home working.</font></span></div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 12pt"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:10.5pt;color:black"><font face="Arial">We are committed to the health and wellbeing of all our employees and business associates as well as the continuity of our operations throughout this period of escalated concern.</font></span></div> <div style="margin:0cm 0cm 12pt"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:10.5pt;color:black"><font face="Arial">We will continue to closely monitor the situation both locally and internationally and will respond, without delay, to any new new guidelines as soon as they are issued. Should the situation change significantly we will update you via our website, email and social media platforms available through the links below.</font></span></div> ​<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_3.jpg" src="/uk/pro/about-lindab/news/Documents/Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_3.jpg" style="height:50px;width:50px;margin:5px" /></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_1.jpg" src="/uk/pro/about-lindab/news/Documents/Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_1.jpg" style="height:50px;width:50px;margin:5px" /></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_5.jpg" src="/uk/pro/about-lindab/news/Documents/Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_5.jpg" style="height:50px;width:50px;margin:5px" /></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_4.jpg" src="/uk/pro/about-lindab/news/Documents/Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_4.jpg" style="height:50px;width:50px;margin:5px" /></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_2.jpg" src="/uk/pro/about-lindab/news/Documents/Lindab_SocialMedia_logos_Blue_Page_2.jpg" style="height:50px;width:50px;margin:5px" /></a><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 16/03/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherMon, 16 Mar 2020 15:06:05 GMT Ventilation CPD now CIBSE approved<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/Lindab%20Residential%20CPD%20News.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">​ <span>Our continuous professional development presentations equip designers &amp; engineers with an overview of energy efficient residential ventilation solutions for improved indoor climate.</span> </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>During a seminar we will demonstrate and discuss:</span></p> <div style="margin-bottom:0pt;vertical-align:baseline;unicode-bidi:embed;margin-top:0pt;direction:ltr;text-align:left;language:en-gb"> </div> <ul><li><div class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>MVHR heat recovery systems</span></div></li> <li><div class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Advantages </span><span>of </span><span>semi-rigid </span><span>radial ducting</span></div></li> <li><div class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Building </span><span>regulation requirements</span></div></li> <li><div class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Energy </span><span>efficiency and specific fan power</span></div></li> <li><div class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Technical </span><span>specification- SAP appendix Q</span></div></li> <li><div class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Fire </span><span>protection</span></div></li> <li><div class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Applications </span><span>and aesthetics</span></div></li></ul> <div style="margin-bottom:0pt;vertical-align:baseline;unicode-bidi:embed;margin-top:0pt;direction:ltr;text-align:left;language:en-gb"><span style="font-size:14pt;font-family:&quot;helveticaneuelt pro 45 lt&quot;;color:black;language:en-gb"><span> </span></span><span style="font-size:14pt;font-family:&quot;helveticaneuelt pro 45 lt&quot;;color:black;language:en-gb"><span>    </span></span></div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-PREAMBLE"><span><span> </span>Email </span><span><a href=""></a> </span><span>to enquire about a Lindab CPD</span></p> <div> </div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 28/02/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherFri, 28 Feb 2020 15:32:02 GMT now in stock<div> <a href="/uk/pro/products/Pages/Campaign/TRUMPF.aspx"><img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/TRUMPF/TRUMPF%20News%20Header.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></a></div> <div> <p>​<font face="FrutigerLTPro-Light">TRUMPF has been a specialist in the metal processing industry for many years. With their battery-powered tools, they combine long-term experience with the newest technology so that professionals from different industries worldwide can get their work done with perfect results. </font></p> <p>The range of 18V and 10.8V shears, slitting shears, seam lockers and power fasteners selected to be stocked at Lindab are designed specifically for work with heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications. </p> <p><font face="FrutigerLTPro-Light">Health and safety is a priority on site and with TruTools, no Hot Works Permits or Bonded abrasive safety training are required; no diust is created and slitting shears coil waste material upwards, not within the duct.</font></p> <p><font face="FrutigerLTPro-Light">The cordless, robust tools allow faster, quieter, more accurate work. High performance batteries offer longer life and faster charging. Two batteries and a charger are supplied with each tool and replacement blades are available from stock.</font></p> <p><font face="FrutigerLTPro-Light">TRUMPF offers the best metalwork power tools for any need, find out more about the range available from Lindab <a href="/uk/pro/products/Pages/Campaign/TRUMPF.aspx">here</a></font></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 21/01/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherTue, 21 Jan 2020 13:51:14 GMT up your Little Blue Book of Ventilation<div> <a href=""><img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Big%20Blue%20Book%20of%20Ventilation-%20April%202019/BigAndLittleBlueBookOnline.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></a></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">​The new product guide will provide details of our product range including codes and sizes at your fingertips and will fit easily into your glove box or laptop bag.</p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">With the use of a simple QR reader app, you can scan the codes in our book to link straight through to order items through our webshop.</p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">The Little Blue Book corresponds to our Big Blue Book price list, which is exclusively available in digital format . </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">Here is the link-  <a href="" target="_blank">The Big Blue Book of Ventilation Price List</a></p> <div>We recommend that you save it to your favourites list on your web browser so that you have quick access to the online version with simple search and jump functionality and active links. </div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 04/01/2020 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherSat, 04 Jan 2020 17:07:17 GMT support food banks at their busiest time of year support food banks at their busiest time of year.aspx<div> <a href=";" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Foodbanks/ChristmasMessageVideoPlay.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></a></div> <div> ​Watch the Lindab 2019 Christmas video message <a href=";" target="_blank">here</a></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 20/12/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherThu, 20 Dec 2018 13:33:13 GMT inside look at MVHR system installation<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Skillbuilder%20MVHR_Instagram.jpg" width="505" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​Expert tradesman Robin Clevett continues with his Capel build journey which he shares with over 167,000 followers on the Skill Builder You Tube channel. </p> <p>Having received BPEC training, Robin decided that a Lindab InDomo system with MVHR was the ideal choice for his build project. The video shows the process right through to commissioning and offers some great insight and useful tips to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. </p> <p>Our specialist residential ventilation team provided design, specification and commissioning support for the project and Mike even has a short cameo in the video. </p> <p><a href=";">Watch the video here</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 13/12/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherWed, 18 Dec 2019 11:36:52 GMT 2019<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/Carousel%20Images/Christmas/ChristmasGreeting_2019_Carousel.jpg" width="480" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">​We will close at 2pm on 20th December and reopen on 2nd January. Our branches in Scotland will reopen on 3rd January. </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">Existing customers can place orders through the Lindab webshop during the holiday period. These orders will be prioritised when we reopen and, as always, webshop orders benefit from an additional 2.5% discount*. </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">Register as soon as possible to ensure log in details can be provided before we close: <span><a href=";redirecturl=Default.aspx?ID%3d366" target="_blank"><span>Register</span> for Lindab webshop</a></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">Thank you for another successful year, we wish you a fantastic holiday</p> <div> </div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 06/12/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherFri, 06 Dec 2019 20:48:48 GMT and Weaving in the BESA Book<div> <a href=""><img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/BESABook2020.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></a></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">​Lindab Ventilation Sales Manager Andy Watton explains why duct leakage is a significant, but often overlooked energy saving opportunity in the 2020 edition of The BESA Book. </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">The annual directory from the Building Engineering Services Association offers valuable guidance on the technical, environmental and legislative issues affecting clients, specifiers, main contractors and consulting engineers in the building services industry.</p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">The article goes into detail about how the standards for airtightness in buildings could be improved using existing Eurovent certified class D ductwork.</p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><a href="">Read the full article here</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 29/11/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherWed, 04 Dec 2019 19:07:23 GMT look for Lindab Leeds<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Branch%20Update.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>The update of the trade counter area in Leeds is the first branch to receive the new concept update which embraces the Lindab core value of neatness and order more than ever before. </p> <p>Within the branch, customers can now see a range of core products on display which includes a selection of the Lindab own branded fans and even some of the products from our residential range. </p> <p>With the inclusion of a digital poster screen and interactive touch-pad price list we can keep customers up to date whilst reducing the need for printing- that's #GoodThinking</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 21/10/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherMon, 21 Oct 2019 14:22:09 GMT round success in new Lindab kits<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/HowdenCloughJFC.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">​New  kits displaying the Lindab logo were supplied to under 12 team Howden Clough JFC in time for their crucial cup match against Kirkburton JFC. </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">Lindab Business Development Manager, Anthony Jackson (seen in photo), has been coaching the team for a number of years and we were more than happy to support his great work by providing this season's kits. </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">The Yorkshire based team, playing in the Huddersfield District Macron League, played fantastically in a tough match, end to end in horrible conditions and secured victory with an impressive 4-3 score. </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">We wish the team the best of luck for the rest of the tournament. </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"> </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span></span> </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span></span> </p> <div> </div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 16/10/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherWed, 16 Oct 2019 11:32:11 GMT've updated our residential ventilation brochure've-updated-our-residential-ventilation-brochure.aspx<div> <a href=""><img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Residential%20Ventilation%20Brochure%202019%20News%20Header.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></a></div> <div> ​A new bumper edition contains even more products including an extended fan range, a fantastic portable BetterAir unit and our unmissable new LFPE cutting tool. <div> </div> <div>A full NBS Plus specification, along with new BIM ready Revit files and our CPD scheme all make it easier than ever to include Lindab InDomo into your designs.</div> <div> </div> <div>Click to view- <a href="">The Lindab Residential Ventilation 2019 brochure</a><br /></div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 24/09/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherTue, 24 Sep 2019 10:43:07 GMT to our winners<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Golf%20Days/2019%20Scotland%20Golf%20Day%20News%20Header.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">Customers and suppliers joined Lindab for our 12th annual golf day in Scotland at the fabulous Deer Park Golf &amp; Country Club.</p> <h1 class="lindab-rteElement-H1"><span>Our winners on the day were-</span></h1> <h1 class="lindab-rteElement-H1"><span></span></h1> <h1 class="lindab-rteElement-H1"><span></span></h1> <h1 class="lindab-rteElement-H1"><span></span></h1> <h2 class="lindab-rteElement-H2"><span><span>Left handed putting challenge- </span></span></h2> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Cammy from Ventilation Maintenance</span></span></p> <h2 class="lindab-rteElement-H2"><span><span>Nearest to the pins-</span></span></h2> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Andrew  from Hutcheon Services</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Gerard from B-DACS</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Ben from Ductclean Scotland</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Alex from Envirovent Fife</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Steven from Brankin Engineering</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Brian from Q Fabrications</span></span></p> <h2 class="lindab-rteElement-H2"><span><span>Drive nearest to the line-</span></span></h2> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Derek from Ventilation Maintenance</span></span></p> <h2 class="lindab-rteElement-H2"><span><span>Supplier &amp; staff challenge-</span></span></h2> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>David from Helios Fans</span></span></p> <h2 class="lindab-rteElement-H2"><span><span>Guess the number of tees in the jar-</span></span></h2> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Alex from Envirovent Fife</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span></span></span> </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Congratulations to the individual winners and the Blue team who defended their hold of the 'Linder' cup.</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Unfortunately no-one achieved a hole-in-one to win the impressive A-class Mercedes which was on display but a</span></span><span><span>s always lots of fun was had on the day and we were very lucky to be blessed wiith sunshine. </span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span></span>Photographs from the day can be seen on our <a href=";album_id=1686305978203694&amp;__xts__%5b0%5d=68.ARC2cyfnTC3yKd97-Y7aAiEq6eZ3MjT0YNsJa8ce-M4wQLtCs-ypv6a6ozxNptNrzqiOxmCOPSAfy-tWQUg-IAKAz6V06exJ-lhJi0Uv4I1resgYaHap2c6RDqSGz-rf9GyciBXyXQEuQFRhP9KGq-gilGxsMWbXpDyoI91vLPms5CWQsbbKZae4XbqMRgq1VVIBxsiBvyXaEDM6Rj-f0LSWdSpbw5U3mitHx3Y4isF7xrOQ9c60X0j4RWrHNafO0szi4q-2dxSm6_u3FCJZQJOH6fjtvHZC0JXj5xlY2Fl9nLbYrIeRYbaRyYawgRtkhwC4EN3SDydx17M2YfM1WNsX_zp9wP4-3dgVB7lO3EpEPaZz1gXksrCC2ibmFrB9fZb0_vdVbkA_X4-o_ByZbloUbwg59" target="_blank"><u><font color="#0066cc">Facebook page</font></u></a> </p> <div><div><p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Many thanks to our generous suppliers:</span></p> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Advanced Air</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Systemair</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Elta Fans</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Venta-Axia</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Doby-Verrolec</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>ActionAir</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Victoria Fans</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Deks</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>AAH</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Helios Fans</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>AC Vakform</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>HVC</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Gripple</span></h3> <h3 class="lindab-rteElement-H3"><span>Ruck Ventilation</span></h3> <div>  </div></div></div> <div> </div> <div> </div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 29/08/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherThu, 29 Aug 2019 11:34:05 GMT Spectacular<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/Marketing/Summer%20Spectacular/Summer%20Spectacular%20Main%2010%20OFF%20News.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​Get 10% off your usual trade price on selected items when ordered through the Lindab webshop during July or August. </p> <p>Unbelievably, you will also benefit from the usual 2.5% webshop discount on all items including the promotional items in our huge summer spectacular event.</p> <p>Full details of promotional items can be accessed using the links below:</p> <p style="text-align:center"><a href="/uk/Documents/Campaigns/Lindab%20Rainline%20Summer%20Spectacular.pdf" target="_blank">Rainline Summer Spectacular</a>    </p> <p style="text-align:center"> <a href="/uk/Documents/Campaigns/Lindab%20Ventilation%20Summer%20Spectacular.pdf">Ventilation Summer Spectacular</a></p> <p style="text-align:center"> </p> <h2 class="lindab-rteElement-H2">The offer is exclusively available on the Lindab webshop. <a href="" target="_blank">Log in or register now!</a></h2> <p style="text-align:left"> </p> <p style="text-align:left"><a href="/uk/pro/Pages/Summer-Spectacular-Terms-and-Conditions.aspx" target="_blank">Terms &amp; Conditions Apply</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 08/07/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherMon, 08 Jul 2019 10:26:57 GMT Online<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Burton%20Roofing.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​Having been successful partners for a number of years Lindab's UK Building Products division and Burton Roofing Merchants are working together to promote Rainline online. </p> <p>Mike Reddington, head of ecommerce at Burton Roofing has launched a new improved website which exclussively lists Lindab Rainline in the guttering section.</p> <p>Mike's strategy is helping the already successful merchant achieve record online sales. Read more <a href="">here</a>.</p> <p>Burton Roofing Merchants join the elite selection of webshops where Rainline can be bought directly online. </p> <p>See our full list of online resellers <a href="/uk/pro/Pages/RainlineWebshops.aspx">here.</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 02/07/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherTue, 02 Jul 2019 13:07:08 GMT for InDomo<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/BIM/Lindab_BIM-objects_Indomo_Header.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p>​We are pleased to announce that the Lindab InDomo range for residential ventilation and MVHR systems is now available as BIM. </p> <p>We have created BIM objects for a wide range of plenums, manifolds and our Appendix Q listed semi-flexible ducting.</p> <p>The products are available <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> on MagiCAD and are ready to use now.  </p> <p>We have produced an instruction guide to simplify using the LFPE Duct Series template, download <a href="" target="_blank">here.</a></p></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 01/07/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherMon, 01 Jul 2019 15:58:55 GMT Anniversary Southern Golf Day<div> <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/UK/News/Golf%20Days/Southern%20Golf%20Day%202019%20News%20Header.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "></div> <div> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P">​A record number of customers and suppliers joined Lindab for our 10th year at Remedy Oak golf course in Dorset for our Southern Golf Day.  ​</p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"> </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Congratulations to all our winners:</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><strong>Individual </strong></span><span><strong>Stableford: </strong></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>1st Place- Richard Holmes of Ductwork Services</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>2nd Place- Robin Hayes of Westec Consulting</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>3rd Place- Andy McCabe of County Building Supplies</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span></span> </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><strong>Team Competition</strong></span><span><strong>: </strong></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>1st Place- <span>Wayne Crossan, Allan Sherman &amp; Robin Hayes</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>2nd Place- <span>Richard Holmes, Steven Legg, Mark Hutton &amp; Jamie Banks</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>3rd Place- <span>Jon Getchell, Martyn Allen, Murray Galloway &amp; Phil Barrow</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"> </p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><strong>Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive</strong></span><span><strong>:</strong></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Iain Robertson </span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Allan Sherman </span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Mark Tipton </span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span>Andy McCabe</span></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><span></span></span> </p> <div><div><p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span><strong>Many thanks to our generous suppliers:</strong></span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Helios</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Vectaire</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Vent Axia</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Ruck Fans</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Aspen Pumps</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Gripple</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Deks</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>Doby Verrolec</span></p> <p class="lindab-rteElement-P"><span>BSB Engineering</span></p> <div>  </div></div></div> <div>Photographs from the day can be seen on our <a href=";album_id=1639883142845978&amp;__xts__%5b0%5d=68.ARBmWooBFHZikN-nb7BrwIvPMMeYQ-n3eLwXXcsDFzrWN8a2QDQHjOX0Oz2lC8LRqzqkjGFEGddmcSmbQJQSYtJ4vp1HWQmNkJDDYWixQxDqt555zmJ-mrBizBFhqnyFmuku3G9qA32thRJeqKjuzjAmxIReKQyXqtWmyz2MUwoiG0SPXMfPUe2J9kOT6b-XJxI6kYFRQLEem3CNJROflptFLz3-f_I7pWDZk3MXoCXdG_B6n2rH75ElyYkT-HeTKicsEmlR2qfjq-Ajl4m-pJHIYFKrhyocP0ppacVXPnYyLVuIxkM7OLgvT0caPBOK_9V4o5DJb_oOLDGqFgqLFL0oftoS10068MWjv19bFfk9d_waw1_VR8Cjcz_xj13mDphpPV-4dqsWoR3z4fGdhHlE0vrSUkggvXoUsk7FhVchB3dl9JE&amp;__xts__%5b1%5d=68.ARA85HPuKK7CBvSU-oO54VCYRYfMEW9bx42xwR6SfyAZTT0yOz9fwxCZhriVPyz_OLllqRkaVICaCYd40FZBqEzMTtK4K8ntsWTBG0F3TyTYeV5HjsRKmKNY56iVoVhgkqRW-JDmSSdbqDAEYRlv6JbluenIs_ms3MrAT-tAIInYqwbSHuwDjY-VSD_5s8FycuRglN3gOI1MNfYQeFEPq5Zo7QPx5nEAMS2P08ZiqhaIMnD5z0MJlWsrHnGQvX_m8axC0b8HYsJFl4oNdiBs1i9otO5J52mp-TVRei09WDwByl8Bdm1ORE6tnP3u1Ew7ANP19doMvb4DgCO_0wB_V_8UwYxT1g8611UYyhvjv_I5mCUQM5VBilLPlm8eH8M_mrPaGUErol0R2HOb9nvR7wDB4VWGJG-TCihxmJNmfkEDGArepf8&amp;__tn__=-UC-R">Facebook page</a></div></div> <div><b>Article date:</b> 26/06/2019 00:00</div> Wolfenden, HeatherMon, 01 Jul 2019 14:11:33 GMT