May 09, 2012

Take control of the indoor energy with Lindab Inside

Residential ventilation by Lindab.

Around 40 per cent of Europe’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions come from the private housing segment. But in less than 10 years all new buildings are supposed to use almost no energy at all according to EU directives.
By using Lindab´s energy-efficient and airtight Lindab Safe® ducting, combined with a heat exchanger recovering 80 per cent or more of the energy in the indoor air, you will minimize heating costs considerably and at the same time obtain the best indoor air quality. For example, a hHeat recovery ventilation  system saves up to 7000 kWh per year per apartment.
We help you to plan, dimension and optimize your project with our IT solutions. You will get complete documentation about your system and the components. You can profit from the knowledge we have gained through many years of developing ventilation solutions. And you can offer your clients the whole ventilation package.
It is all about taking control of the indoor energy. We call it Lindab Inside.