Become Lindab Builder

Lindab Builders form the largest network of construction professionals in Europe, with more than 400 builders.

Lindab Buildings recognizes that its success is built not only on the excellence of its buildings but equally on the excellence of its authorised Builders net in providing superior service and local support.

Becoming one of Lindab Builders will give you access to a wide range of advantages helping you to drive your business forward.

Business  tools

  • Draw strength on a local or regional basis, from Lindab Buildings’ European and International references and experience
  • Benefit from the experience, know how, synergy and reputation of the group 
  • Builder remains completely independant; yet benefits nevertheless from the services, experiences and 33 000 references of Lindab Buildings

Strong Financial strength

  • Develop these business opportunities with a minimum of investment and risk

Extensive marketing/sales support

  • Benefit from our marketing plan including  promotion material and marketing tools and receive sales/marketing support

Comprehensive Online tools

  • Prepare fast and precise quotations, with a minimum risk of error, through CYPRION: Alternatives can be calculated equally quickly.
  • Illustrate your Lindab projects correctly with Allplan, enhances quotations by services as Dial or Heat Loss

Value-added products

  • Benefit from Lindab Buildings European experience and 50,000 references
Lindab wants to carry on this tradition of excellence through new partnerships with builders who share our vision for success. If you want to expand your business with us and increase your profits fill in the contact form (see link on the right side)