Social Media

​We are active on a number of social platforms for the reason for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. The material differs depending on the nature of the platform, so make sure to check in on a different social network from time to time.

Link up with us on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place were you can see company news, press releases and financial reports. You can also find a lot of our employees here.

We would like to meet you 

Connecting people from every corner of the Lindab universe. Customer stories, photos and news is shared here.

Want to be part of the inner circle?

Add us to your circles and take part in the discussions on different topics related to our business. We'd love to hear your views on things.


Did we mention Twitter?

Follow @lindabgroup on Twitter for the latest news, press releases and reports. Make sure that we see your tweets by tagging them #Lindab.


Adding a filter to our everyday

Follow us on Instagram for snapshots from our world and take part yourself by tagging your Lindab related photos #Lindab.


Get the facts straight

Find our presentations, infographics and a brochure or two on our Slideshare. A great way to get the facts and figures.


Want to see us move?

On our channel you'll find everything from company presentations and how-to videos to financial presentations and case stories.


High resolution for you

We have an enormous photo archive, dating back to the early days of the company. Of course we want to share some of these photos with you.​