Quadrum Business City

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  • At 70,000 m2, Quadrum Business City offers modern office environments, multifunctional conference facilities, restaurants and relaxation zones. All in an attractive setting, with a comfortable indoor climate and fire-safe ventilation solutions.
  • The indoor environment in one of Quadrum Business City’s foyers.
  • An outdoor environment at Quadrum Business City.

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Story in short:

- Secure indoor climate and fire solutions for unique office complex
- Customised Versio PS1 diffusers following full-scale test in Farum
- CE-approved WH25 and WK45 fire dampers
- TK-13 floor konvectors
- Ducts and fittings


Quadrum Business City

Konstitucijos pr. 21

Vilnius 09306


Secure Lindab solutions for pioneering BREEAM project

Quadrum Business City, a groundbreaking office complex that is redrawing the map when it comes to designing this kind of project, is currently being built in central Vilnius. Norwegian property developer Schage has created a class A+ BREEAM-certified office environment that has immense appeal, both in Lithuania and internationally. Lindab is supplying both duct system, indoor climate and fire safety solutions for the complex.
One of the Baltic region’s biggest construction projects is currently under way on the river Neris, in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city. Quadrum’s three buildings extend 17 floors into the air at the highest point, and at 70,000 m2 they are an attractive addition to the office stock in Vilnius and Lithuania.
"We want to create a class A+ office environment that forms a city within a city and offers all the services and facilities that demanding tenants expect,"
Evaldas Prižginas, project manager, Schage Real Estate
"We want to create a class A+ office environment that forms a city within a city and offers all the services and facilities that demanding tenants expect," explains Evaldas Prižginas, project manager for Norwegian property developer Schage Real Estate. "Starting from design and construction engineering based on Scandinavian know-how, and with a building that’s BREEAM-certified, we’re now creating a complete, attractive office environment with the focus on energy efficiency, eco-friendly solutions and social responsibility."
Lindab is delivering Versio diffusers, Lindab IMP Klima TK-13 Floor concectors, Lindab MP3 fire dampers, as well as the duct system, thus contributing to a comfortable indoor climate and a safe office environment. The general contractor is Italian company Gemmo, and AZCM of Lithuania is the consultant of the ventilation solutions.

Secure, draught-free indoor climate solution

"We already have a good relationship with AZCM and were involved in the ventilation planning early on," says Audrius Nairanauskas of Lindab. "The challenge lay in ensuring good air distribution with no draughts in the building’s office environments. The solution was a full-scale test at our laboratory in Farum. We based the test on our Versio PS1 diffusers, which were fitted without their normal grilles and with type H plenum boxes."
Furthermore, Lindab IMP Klima is also supplying the floor convector TK-13. "Operation on the natural air convection principle, silent operation and high power capacity per length-meter made Gemmo Impianti choose TK-13, with installations now ongoing", says Barbara žgavec Habe, Lindab IMP Klima.

CE-certified fire dampers for safety

Gemmo itself was responsible for the fire damper solution, ordering direct from Lindab MP3 in Italy. "We have a very positive experience of Lindab MP3 after several successful projects," says a representative from Gemmo. "Lindab MP3 offer an excellent quality-to-price ratio, high-quality technical support, flexibility and a level of service that appeals to us. The fact that their products are also CE-approved, with official test reports for each product type, is crucially important as well. Needless to say, this is absolutely necessary for such safety-critical products as fire dampers.
Deliveries to Quadrum of in total 385 WH25 circular fire dampers and WK45 rectangular fire dampers are currently under way. In addition to the above deliveries, the building site is also receiving ducts and fittings from Lindab’s factory in the Czech Republic, also ordered by Gemmo.