The Royal Exchange

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  • The Royal Exchange of London was opened in 1566 as a trading place for merchants, and actually became Britain’s first shopping centre. 
	  Since some years, it is once more a shopping centre, now with a distinct luxury touch. For the Royal Exchange, EAC Services recently 
	  delivered a complete indoor climate system with RS14 diffusers and Lindab Safe air duct system. © Royal Exchange
  • LindQST’s completely unique web based visualisation tool helped to  make sure that the right product solution for the project was chosen.
  • 48 pieces of RS14 were delivered to the office spaces in the Royal Exchange building. With the assistance of Lindab, EAC Services could rapidly deliver a full indoor climate system.
  • 48 pieces of RS14 were delivered to the office spaces in the Royal Exchange building. With the assistance of Lindab, EAC Services could rapidly deliver a full indoor climate system.
  • The completed RS14 and indoor climate installation of the EAC Services project at the Royal Exchange. The RS14 design and function completely fulfilled the demands of both architect and investor.

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Story in short:

• Complete indoor climate solution with RS14 swirl diffusers and Lindab Safe
• Product choice and function visualisation with LindQST
• Individual adjustment for each diffuser
• Time and cost savings for customer


The Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange

London EC3V 3DG

Great Britain

Design and function in perfect harmony

Lindab’s delivery of RS14 ceiling diffusers and circular duct systems to EAC Services for their Royal Exchange project in London turned out to be the ideal combination of pure design, perfect function and time-saving technical support – all in record time from inquiry to first delivery.
The Royal Exchange is right in the heart of the City of London next to the Bank of England, and is often mistakenly associated with the British banking world. When merchant Thomas Gresham opened the Royal Exchange in 1566, it was primarily intended as a trading place for other merchants and their goods. Easy transport links via the Thames and more than 100 ‘kiosks’ over three floors made the Royal Exchange Britain’s very first shopping centre. After two fires, three rebuilds and a range of different uses, the landmark building re-opened its doors in 2001, once again as a shopping centre – but this time a high-end establishment with many exclusive stores, restaurants and more.
For one of the building’s offices, Lindab has recently delivered a completely project-specific indoor climate solution for EAC Services, one of Lindab’s loyal, long-standing British customers.

Pre-visualised function

"EAC Services were looking for an indoor climate solution that could meet three requirements: very quick delivery, simple individual air flow adjustment, and a uniformly discreet design," says Mike Chamberlain of Lindab. "However, one slight problem was that different types of ceiling had been used in previous refurbishments. We saw very quickly though that our square RS14 ceiling diffuser would fit perfectly and could also be installed in all the various ceiling types."
A solution using the RS14 was not confirmed, however, until Mike and Lindab’s Indoor Comfort Team had used Lindab’s IT tool LindQST. "LindQST’s completely unique visualisation tool helped us make sure we chose the right product solution for the project. With LindQST we could precisely demonstrate the diffuser’s air flows and airspeeds in the premises, even at the planning and tendering stage," Mike continues. "This highly clarifying visual presentation, fully based on the RS14’s technical properties and the basic drawings and material from EAC Services, convinced them that ours was the best proposal. When we could also guarantee a very quick delivery time for the RS14 and the ceiling adaptation components, products we don’t usually stock in the UK, it was a done deal."
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A comfortable, pleasant working environment

The project ran for 16 weeks, and after just four weeks Lindab was delivering RS14s, ceiling adaptations and the complete Lindab Safe system to the Royal Exchange building site. The flexibility offered by individual air flow regulation in the same diffuser model turned out to be decisive, making the RS14 a natural choice. EAC Services could also save money, as Lindab could specify precise adjustment values (k-values and balancing values) for each individual diffuser
"The RS14 installations at the Royal Exchange were rounded off with a very well-received handover to our customer," says Angus Pearce of EAC Services."The design and appearance of the RS14 went perfectly with the office’s design and the clean, modern feel the customer wanted to achieve. The individual adjustment of each diffuser now creates a nice, comfortable working environment for all personnel throughout the office!"