Øresund Park

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  • Jonas Pedersen, Pro Ventilation, is one of four fitters installing the Lindab InDomo
	  ventilation system in all of Øresund Park’s 450 apartments. Here beside the
	  supply and exhaust air ducts in one of the apartments’ shafts.
  • The view from many of Øresund Park’s apartments takes your breath away. So
	  it is nice to know that Lindab InDomo provides excellent air exchange.
  • Øresund Park’s building structures are located along Copenhagen’s new Metro
	  and are close to the city centre, Kastrup and Öresund.
  • The picture shows how the Lindab InDomo hose-based ventilation system is
	  fitted in the apartments’ subfloor.
  • When partition walls are erected and radiator installations are completed it is time to start the
	  InDomo installation. Air supply boxes are installed in the concrete floor structure beneath each
	  Distribution boxes are connected to the shaft ducts and installed.
  • Distribution boxes at shaft.
  • The concrete floors are covered with blue diffusion plastic and the hose installation can
	  start. The air direction is specified on the hose to ensure that it is fitted correctly.
  • The hoses are simply and securely
	  connected to the air supply boxes.
	  The double rubber seals guarantee
	  optimum tightness and energy-efficiency.
	  ”An important advantage with In-
	  Domo is its low weight and that it is
	  easy to carry hoses and boxes up
	  to the floor levels, especially in this
	  project where only the tallest buildings
	  have building hoists,” says Jonas
	  Pedersen from Pro Ventilation.
  • When the hose is inserted it is
	  locked with the clip.
	  Pro Ventilation has chosen to also
	  insert a screw through the clips
	  and hose to secure the connection
	  against any mechanical impact.
	  Not required to achieve the product’s
	  tightness class D.
  • Completed InDomo installation at distribution box in connection to shaft.
  • The floor’s trimmer joists in place. The InDomo
	  hoses run beneath and between them.
  • The floor in place.
  • Jonas Pedersen, Pro Ventilation,
	  ready to insert the last
	  piece of the puzzle for the
	  apartment’s InDomo installation.

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Story in short:

First class ventilation despite tough construction requirements

New constructions place major requirements on effective and energy-efficient ventilation. But not just that, both construction times and building heights are often becoming increasingly tight. It means that the installation has to proceed quickly and smoothly, but also that it must be possible to install the ventilation ducts in increasingly cramped spaces. ”Lindab’s InDomo system was an obvious choice for Øresund Park,” says project manager Henrik Herold at Pro Ventilation, which was responsible for the ventilation contract for the 450-apartment project in central Copenhagen. ”Adaptable, quick to install and retaining top-class sealing capacity.”


Øresund Park

The view from many of the apartments in Øresund Park, not least the penthouse apartments in the 12-storey signature building, takes the viewer’s breath away. So there is a sense of security knowing that there is good access to fresh, clean ventilating air in all apartments through a Lindab InDomo duct system in tightness class D.

”Together with Skanska, we chose Lindab and their InDomo system,” continues Henrik Herold from Pro Ventilation. ”It was quite simply the flexibility of Lindab and their system which was decisive, their capacity to adapt the solution and the size of boxes for each individual project. It gave us an easily installed and sealed ventilation solution with fantastic possibilities for optimum adjustment of each apartment’s air volume.”


Quick and secure installation and connection

InDomo is a hose-based duct system which, with its wide and easily adapted range of accessories, is ideal for installations with low construction heights or where there is a desire to avoid visible internal ducts in rooms.

”Here at Øresund Park we have used Lindab Safe in all the vertical shafts which connect the apartments,” explains Jonas Pedersen, a fitter at Pro Ventilation. ”An adjustment damper for supply and exhaust air is fitted in each apartment’s shaft, as well as an InDomo distribution box for supply air adapted for each apartment. From there we install InDomo hoses to every InDomo air supply box, in this case located in the floor beneath each radiator. The major benefit of Lindab’s InDomo system is that it uses the same secure and proven technology as in their well-reputed Lindab Safe system, with double internal rubber seals. It gives us fast, secure and tight connection of each hose and reduces the risk of a hose coming loose during the subsequent floor installation.”


Completed in no time

The InDomo system in Øresund Park is located under the apartments’ floor and fully integrated in the design. ”First we complete the shaft installations and fit all the InDomo distribution and air supply boxes,” explains Jonas Pedersen. ”Then all we have to do is roll out the hoses and click one end into the distribution box. (Pro Ventilation also secures it with a screw in order to entirely eliminate the risk of the hose coming loose during the subsequent floor laying. This operation is not necessary to achieve the product’s tightness class D). The hoses are laid up to the supply boxes, cut to the right length and the other end is secured in the same way in the air supply boxes. It is all completed in no time!”

After that the floor layers come in and position trimmer joists for the subfloor with the InDomo hoses situated in the prospective subfloor. When the flooring is laid and the air supply boxes are fitted, the whole installation is ready for adjustment as soon as the ceiling-installed fans have been commissioned. The apartments’ exhaust air is removed via kitchen fans and toilets/bathrooms.

Easily managed solution

”A further advantage with InDomo is its low weight and that it is easy to carry hoses and boxes up to the floor levels, especially in this project where only the tallest buildings have building hoists,” concludes Jonas Pedersen, who has been working with Lindab products for 17 years. ”I have tried most systems that are on the market and if it was me making the decision it would be Lindab every time.” Pro Ventilation started the installations in August 2016 and at most have had four fitters on site. So far about 60% of the 450 apartments have been installed and the plan is to be finished according to schedule in spring 2018.