Doha Metro System

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  • One of the 75 metro trains that will be in operation on the Red and Green lines of the new Doha Metro system opening in 2022. All air handling units, duct system and diffusers and grilles for the 37 metro stations and service facilities and yards have been provided by Lindab.
  • The Doha Metro system phase 1 including Red, Green and Gold lines.
  • His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani paid a visit to the Al Qassar Station of the Red line of Doha Metro project equipped with the extensive air handling in-door climate solution from Lindab.
  • The mock-up installation of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) showing the modular Lindab air handling unit comprising of cooling, heating recovery and condensation removal units, among others.
	  The unit provided 100 kW of total cooling capacity at nominal airflow of 12,500 m3/h, with integrated heat recovery unit inside and performed excellent during all aspects of the test, also regarding condensation and condensation removal. Most challenging during the test was maintaining and holding constant temperature regime for the connections of the air handling unit. The customer was very satisfied with the unit as with the service Lindab provided.
  • Selection of images on this and next page showing finished Lindab air handling unit installations at the Al Quassar Metro station, which is part of the Red line.
	  The first delivery part for the Red line consisted of 80 modular air handling units to metro stations. In the second part of the project another 140 modular air handling units with automation were ordered for the ventilation of the service centers for all metro trains.
	  For all air handling units the installation and start-up was supervised by members of the Lindab team.

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Story in short:

Cool comfortable climate for Doha Metro system

The new metro system in Doha, the capital of Qatar, is one of the most prestigious on-going infrastructure projects in the Middle East. When it first launches in 2020, it will revolutionize the way to move around in Doha and its suburbs. Most locations in the capital will conveniently be within reach without the hassles of traffic. It will also facilitate transportation when Qatar holds the Fifa World Cup in football in 2022. Lindab was selected as the main supplier of the metro system’s indoor climate system, a crucial component in a transportation system operating in a climate with average temperatures reaching 46 °C and above.

 The Doha metro system will consist of 3 lines, 37 stations, 111 km of tunneling and 34 km of track above ground, all operated by 75 trains. “We have delivered nearly 200 Lindab air handling units to all stations as well as yard facilities,” explains Mohamed Fazeel, Sales & Business De­velopment – Middle East Asia, Lindab. “Furthermore we also delivered complete Lindab duct system with accessories, diffusers and grilles for all these sites. Our long and successful partner­ship with companies Termigas/ISG and Fujita/CCC was key in securing this very substancial and prestigious order.”

Lindab’s sales process started during the initial stages of the project by helping the design company Termigas/ISG in their design of smoke ventilation ducts. “We then further approached Termigas/ISG and offered our technical services and our expertise in all in-door climate areas connected to the project,” Mohamed Fazeel continues. “This opened the doors to involved de­signers and contractors and allowed us to present Lindab’s project relevant solutions and prod­ucts to these parties.”


Full technical support

Lindab provided full technical support and assistance in calculating the airhandling units’ data and equipment based on the set requirements and capacity needs. Lindab also provided ma­terial approval requests, technical documentation and a complete submittal to secure status as an approved and official vendor of Qatar Rail. “Furthermore we did a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) including a mock up installation of a fully working Lindab air handling unit complete with our ducts,” continues Mohamed Fazeel.


Fulfilled customer and client expectations

Lindab’s deliveries and the installations of all its products for the first phase of the Doha Metro project have recently been finished. Undoubtedly, Lindab’s solutions, technical support and day-to-day support, including duct and AHU installation demonstrations for the customer’s personnel, has played an important role.

“One of the important general advantages of the partnership with Lindab is indeed their proac­tive support to resolve both technical issues during the design phase, as well as the installation phase”, says Francesca Ferrari, Termigas/ISG, Project Manager Doha Metro Project. “During this

project, Lindab surpassed their normal service levels and also gave us extended support around technical solutions and production timeframe data during the comprehensive tender phase and onwards. We have indeed found Lindab’s solutions and products very satisfactory, and since we have had no comments from Qatar Rail, this means they are pleased and satisfied as well. In summary, Lindab have more than fulfilled our stringent expectations.”


Important environmental benefits

The Doha Metro is Qatar Rail’s most prominent and visible project so far. It will serve both the capital and the suburbs with all major locations within easy and convenient reach. The project will also bring important environmental benefits. It is estimated that in 2030 the usage of public trans­port will have increased from today’s 0.5% to 21%. This means 190,000 less cars on the roads per day, and 160 fewer tons of CO2 released per day. Furthermore, Lindab’s energy effecient AHU-solutions and market leading air tight duct systems adds to the environmental benefits.

The metro system will be built in two phases: the first will see the construction of the Red, Gold and Green lines and 37 stations. These lines are expected to be open to the public by 2020. The future phases involve the introduction of an additional line (Blue) and the expansion of the existing ones, with more than 60 additional stations.


Lindab’s largest Middle East Asia order to date

“Being selected as the main supplier in a project of this scale, and approved as an official vendor to Qatar Rail is really spectacular”, comments Milos Ristic, Sales & Business Development Man­ager – Middle East Asia, Lindab. “Our deliveries in 2015 and 2016 to the most prestigious hos­pital in Qatar, the Hamad Medical Center (HMC), made a big difference in promoting Lindab as a top ventilation solutions player in Middle East Asia, and gave us crucial advantages in our strives to win the Doha Metro project.”

“The Doha project was in itself very demanding, not only due to high volumes of materials sup­plied in a short time, but also because of the complexity generated by the Political and Econom­ical Embargo placed on Qatar’s Government. However, all in all, the fact that it is Lindab’s largest Middle East Asia order to date, in combination with our contribution to an energy efficient and comfortable in-door climate for both passengers and personnel, can only be summed up as a true success. Our hard work on the sites in Doha, support from our factories in Italy and Slovenia as from Lindab’s management in Sweden, as well as the good co-operation with our customers and partners have been key to finalize the project in this manner. My deepest thanks to all in­volved”, concludes Milos Ristic. “No doubt this will open the doors to many new exciting partner­ships and projects in the Middle East.”