Lindab High Bay Storage

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  • Lindab’s new distribution centre for Northern Europe blends well into the Bjäre landscape.
  • Lindab’s new distribution centre for Northern Europe is a veritable showroom for Lindab’s solutions
	  and evidence of the company’s ability to deliver both complete indoor climate systems and construction
  • Stefan Lindqvist, Lindab, Jan Strandberg, Bi-Vent and Henrik Hansson, Peab in front of
	  Lindab’s new distribution centre in Grevie. Tommy Sehlin of Tommy Sehlin Bygg & Maskin
	  is missing from the picture.
  • Lindab’s modular Topas FTX air handing unit for air to and from the warehouse
	  part of the building.
  • The modular FTX air handling unit, Lindab Topas, which is used for offices and
	  other areas, also has a built-in cooling unit.
  • Stefan Lindqvist, Lindab and Jan Strandberg, Bi-Vent in front of one of the modular Lindab units in the
	  fan room.
  • Packed orders soon en route to
  • The high bay storage facility with its 21,500 pallet spaces and eight cranes.
  • The pick-and-pack line at the new the high bay storage facility.

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Story in short:

Lindab’s own new high bay storage facility on Bjäre Peninsula is a good example of a complete product


Lindab Ventilation Ab

Stålhögavägen 115

26982 Båstad


Package solutions for fast and effective construction

A new silhouette has been visible for a while in the middle of Bjäre Peninsula, right beside Lindab’s existing factories in Grevie. The white building is about 20 metres tall but despite its size blends well into the environment and the landscape. It holds more than 21,500 pallet spaces in an automated high bay storage facility.
”The building is an excellent example of complete package solutions from Lindab, which use product integration and good technical support to give us fast and effective installation and increased competitiveness,”says Jan Strandberg at Bi-Vent, one of the contractors which participated in the extensive project.



One Lindab Building

”Lindab’s products account for almost 35% of the building’s solutions and components, excluding land and planning, measured in terms of cost,” Stefan Lindqvist continues. ”For obvious reasons, we want to use as many of our own solutions as possible, but thereby also display the fantastic opportunities Lindab can offer in complex projects through complete package solutions from a single supplier.” Peab was responsible for foundations, construction coordination and working environment, as well as procurement of subcontractors. The ventilation installer, Bi-Vent, was responsible for installation of a complete indoor climate system where all components, from the FTX air handing unit via ducts and silencers to the devices distributing fresh, tempered air in the premises, comprise Lindab’s products and systems.
Tommy Sehlin Bygg & Maskin erected the actual building, with a steel building kit from Lindab Astron constituting the frame, which was subsequently supplemented with sandwich panels, trapezoidal steel sheeting and doors etc., all from Lindab. Lödde Plåt took care of the other
sheet-metal contracts and installation of Lindab’s roof drainage system. Swisslog delivered and erected the actual crane and track system in the hall. The project has been a logistical challenge, partly because the actual construction site is situated in the middle of Lindab’s main Swedish facility in Grevie, which has been in full production all the time, and partly because the actual high bay storage facility had to be joined with the existing factory buildings.
”Despite that, together with Lindab and the other contractors and installers, we succeeded in synchronising and coordinating the project effectively,” says Henrik Hansson from Peab. ”We started the foundations in May 2016 and by week 34, Tommy Sehlin Bygg & Maskin was already able to start erecting the framework, and since then everything has simply rolled along.”

Completed building in 25 weeks

”We have been working with Lindab for almost 14 years and this partnership has resulted in many good experiences,” says Tommy Sehlin from Tommy Sehlin Bygg & Maskin. ”However, it was the first time we had assembled a steel building from Lindab’s subsidiary Astron. Even though it always entails a certain learning threshold, the entire installation went well, and we managed to keep to the time schedules. Coordination of deliveries of sandwich panels for the building’s external walls, trapezoidal steel sheeting for the roof, 22 doors and other structural components from different Lindab units took place hardly without a hitch, even though we did sometimes have to make way for urgent deliveries. It has to be said though that the deliveries here were to Lindab itself. We naturally fully understood that external orders to customers had priority.” Tommy Sehlin Bygg & Maskin’s work was finished and completed in week 7, but Swisslog’s and Bi-Vent’s installation work had already started.

Complete indoor climate system from Lindab

”This was the first time we had installed Lindab’s new product group of air handing units,” Jan Strandberg from Bi-Vent continues. ”It provides us with highly interesting possibilities to offer our customers a complete indoor climate concept from a single supplier.
It doesn’t just provide better and more integrated overall solutions. It also removes any problems and restrictions otherwise caused by using different suppliers. For us, the fact that Lindab can now act as complete supplier for the entire system that we install is very positive. We are absolutely convinced that Lindab’s technical support and service surrounding these concepts will quickly achieve the high level we have come to expect from Lindab and are looking forward to a range of indoor climate concepts from Lindab, adapted to a range of typical applications, such as here for warehousing/distribution.
It would give us excellent competitive advantages and further strengthen our collaboration.” Bi-Vent started its installations of the indoor climate system in late December. Everything was
fully assembled in April and it was possible to hand over an operational and adjusted system in
early May. Two modular Lindab FTX Topas air handling units were delivered to the distribution
centre, one for the high bay storage facility and one for the office and other parts of the building,
and of course a complete duct system with fittings, silencers, diffusers, etc.
Package solutions undoubtedly contribute to fast and effective construction.