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Project: Air duct system for a distillery in an old industry building. Delivery of circular Lindab Safe air duct system in Aluzinc instead of standard galvanized steel. Inneklimatteknik chose Aluzinc for all ducts, fittings and fasteners in order to adhere to the environmental demands specified for this type of high humidity beverage production plant.



Bruksgatan 4

818 32 Valbo


If you have placed two beautiful copper vessels for distillation of the best brand of Swedish malt whisky on the premises of what used to be a power station, you might say that kilowatts have given way to the water of life.
This is what whisky, or if you prefer the Gaelic uisce beatha, means. Outside Gävle in the old Mackmyra mill, exciting things are happening.The first Swedish malt whisky is being made here. Watch out, you Scots – Swedish quality has triumphed before. Mackmyra mill has a long history as a mill, forge and power station.
“When we saw the closed-down works for the first time, there was no hesitation,” says Magnus Dandanell, “this was where the cradle for Swedish malt whisky would stand.” In the old power station, where the distillery is now housed, you meet both old and new technologies. The two beautiful copper pot stills are flanked in the roof and walls by the ventilation system in aluzink from Lindab that provides the good indoor climate.
Aluminumzink is a duct material in which steel sheet is coated with a surface layer of aluminum and zinc. This is a material that is very resistant to corrosion and that withstands the environment that prevails in a whisky distillery. As in all food industry, cleanliness is alpha and omega, and there is water and moisture around all the time, both in the pot still and outside it. And as all whisky loversalso know, the noble drink is never taken neat, but always with water in liquid form.