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Story in short:

Delivery of fabricated Lindab FAP sheeting and Lindab Rainline in Copper Metallic to the Mathildeberg
Housing Association's 133 apartments in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg. The project itself is
somewhat unique, as it is probably one of the only construction sites in Sweden where FAP cladding
has been used almost exclusively.


brf Mathildeberg

Gärdegatan 2

431 67 Mölndal

Kode Plåt were responsible for the assembly, with the architectural firm QPG Arkitektbyrå making the recommendation. The building with its five angled 'ships' resting side-by-side, is located where the industrial and residential areas intersect. With Lindab's Copper Metallic and Kode Plåt's craftsmanship, we have created an architectural expression that brings these two worlds together beautifully,” says architect Petter Lodmark from QPG Arkitektbyrå.

Mölndal valley, just south of central Gothenburg, can be described as the meeting point of the more austere industrial environment in the base of the valley and the soft, leafy residential district scaling the slopes around Krokslätt. “We wanted to find an architecture that would act as a border between these two worlds and yet unite them in an appealing and natural way,” explains architect Petter Lodmark from QPG Arkitektbyrå. “We had already started leaning towards a blend of steel and concrete when Bengt -Åke Bengtsson at Kode Plåt suggested 'A sheet metal seminar' here at the architects' office. It sounded ideal for our Mathildeberg project. His demonstration of various seaming techniques using Lindab Seamline FAP offered new perspectives regarding Mathildeberg's external cladding. Kode Plåt also performed a number of test assemblies to show what the façade might look like. Through these tests, and the material and colour characteristics seen in the quality of Lindab's steel, all the pieces of the puzzle fell simply into place.

Since commencing the work in April 2011, Kode Plåt has had five people on average working at the site during the five stages. “We have assembled about 5,000 m2 of FAP in Copper Metallic, which we prepared in our workshop by prefolding the 2500 x 615 mm sheets for lock and hook seams,” says Bengt-Åke Bengtsson at Kode Plåt. “We have also installed Lindab Rainline roof drainage in Copper Metallic on the entire property. As usual, Lindab's delivery service and support has been exemplary and the work has gone completely to plan. We received the fabricated sheeting in exactly the dimensions we wanted and were able to call for it as needed.”

Mathildeberg was finally completed in September last year. The longitudinal body of the building, with its slightly angled bay window talks the more “industrial language” on the property's eastern side, while five angled 'ships' facing west gracefully meet the older residential buildings on this side. “By creating intimate courtyards and sloping shapes towards the residential side and a more straight, formal style towards the industrial side, I think we managed to create a building that connects these two sides together nicely,” concludes Petter Lodmark. “The façade sheet cladding with Lindab Copper Metallic is a key element of this style, and thanks to the material's properties, we have achieved precisely the feeling of craftsmanship that we sought, something that Kode Plåt were able to execute magnificently.”

Lindab also provided solid support to QPG when it came to questions regarding fire separation, since the cladding was fitted directly against plywood. “We had direct contact with Lindab's technical support who gave us all the help we needed,” adds Petter Lodmark.​ ​​​