Runda Huset in Jönköping - Expectations met with Solus

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Story in short:

The 16-storey-high office building, Runda Huset, in Munksjöstaden, Jönköping, is now nearly fully occupied and the first complete Solus system has been in operation since January. Solus is a brand new type of chilled beam, which is based on re-using the heating energy from the building's water circuit and moving the energy from cooled rooms to heated ones. The combination of Solus with renewable energy results in major energy gains.


Runda Huset



 "We're thrilled with the indoor climate system at Runda Huset," says Tommy Fritz, CEO of the property company, Tosito, who, together with the property company, Lustgården, owns the building through the company, Tolust. "The system has been in operation since before July and although adjustments are not fully complete as not all tenants have moved in yet, it's working exactly as we expected. It was the system's simplicity and energy efficiency that really caught our eye when Lindab presented Solus to us in the initial stages. Usually, installing both a cooling system and heating system in a property can cause conflict – resulting in both a poorer indoor climate and economy of operation. This problem is eliminated as Solus is a single, cohesive system for both cooling and heating. This represents an entirely new way of thinking and we're excited to think that with the Solus system we're leading the way in future energy-efficient indoor climate technology."

Even, comfortable indoor temperature

The Nordic IT service company, EVRY, the law firm, Gärde Wesslau, and the fitness centre, Cardio Club, have already moved in and Nordea is joining them. "We wanted an even indoor temperature throughout the building and that's precisely what we got," continues Fritz. "Even during the really hot days that we had in May, the indoor temperature stayed at a comfortable level at all times. We maintain an even temperature around the clock, so we no longer hear complaints about it being too cold or hot in the mornings. It feels really good, of course. In terms of energy consumption statistics, we'll have to wait until the entire building has been in full operation for a whole year, but we are undoubtedly confident."

Expectations met

Runda Huset has clearly become a new landmark for Jönköping and a real exclamation mark in the new district of Munksjöstaden. With its 16 storeys, spectacular round shape and very central position, it's no surprise that it has acted as a magnet for companies looking for premises and location that help reinforce their brand.
Fritz goes on to say: "In my opinion today's demanding tenants expect a good, comfortable indoor climate, and, through Solus, we also have an energy-efficient and eco-friendly indoor climate system, that is aiming for LEED Platinum (certification pending) and certainly increases the attraction of an office building of this calibre."

Best possible indoor climate

Runda Huset's biggest tenant is EVRY, the Nordic region's second biggest IT services company, represented at 50 locations across the region. EVRY leases floors 11-15 and half of floor 16 and has approx. 250 employees working in an activity-based office environment with approx. 25 conference rooms.
"When we were looking for new premises, we were looking for a building that stood out from the crowd, had a central position and would attract new employees," says Anders Staaf, premises manager at EVRY Jönköping, when we meet him on floor 15 and enjoy the extensive view across Jönköping and Lake Vättern. "Runda Huset easily meets these criterias and also helps reinforce our brand here. We also noticed right back at the planning stage how Tolust was attaching great importance to how we were intending to use the premises, the number and location of conference rooms and common areas, etc., so that they could give us the best possible air quality and indoor climate. We are now sitting in a building that provides just that, and also in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way, is very important to us in many respects!"

Ventilation that really works

"The last of our employees only moved in a few months ago but the indoor climate has been working well since April, even during the really hot days we had in May," concludes Staff. "Where the conference rooms are concerned, you soon notice if you're sitting in a room where the ventilation and temperature are working, and here it works very well. In the past our personnel often sat in their own rooms, whereas here we work in an open landscape. There are always a few who find it too hot or too cold, but on the whole, we have an even, comfortable temperature whatever the temperature outside. When you move around in the premises, say from the sunny side to the shaded side, you don't feel any difference. Exactly the effect that we believe the system should have. Although a few adjustments still need to be made when the last tenants move in, our present experience is positive, in terms of working environment and indoor climate." 
The ventilation system at Runda Huset comprises approx. 600 Solus chilled beams, a complete Lindab Safe duct system, as well as the Pascal VAV solution installed for instance in the conference rooms. All installations were carried out by FS-Service in Jönköping.