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  • Simonsland under construction.
  • RdBX studs for the partition walls.
  • Both RdBX studs and Lindab Safe was used in the renovation.
  • Lindab has supplied Simonsland with a complete duct system for the 37,000 sq meter building.
  • Lindab duct system.

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Story in short:

For almost 100 years Simonsland in Borås pulsated with industrial life. It will soon be pulsating again,
but now as a creative, textile cluster and as a meeting place for training, history and new possibilities. Solutions from Lindab are important elements of the project.

​Simonsland was previously owned by Borås Väveri and was the centre for its rayon production. The fantastic buildings, which were designed between 1917 and the 1940s, are now being brought back to life through the exciting project initiated by the property owner, Kanico.
“Production was still taking place up to 2007, by which time we had already started planning the first stage of the project,” says Hanna Lassing, project manager at Kanico. “The Swedish School of Textiles’ activities in the city will now be assembled here, along with all of the operations that Borås City Council conducts in relation to textiles, the Textile Museum for example. Restaurants and several other tenants will contribute to creating the stimulating cluster through collaborations, meetings and synergies, which is our aim for Simonsland.”

“We started to strip the carcass in the spring of 2011, only leaving facades, pillars, staircases and the beautiful serrated glass roof,” Hanna Lassing continues. “This gave us an open area of 37,000 m2 to fill with modern, functional premises, at the same time as we wanted to preserve the exciting, raw industrial character of the building.” Kanico commissioned the Byggfast company to carry out design, procurement and production control. “The main challenge internally has been the height of the floor levels at up to seven metres,” explains Lars Bovin, Byggfast. “We decided at an early stage on a steel solution in all interior walls, and Lindab’s factory-made RdBX steel studs have facilitated installation and handling. Lindab was actually the only supplier that was able to present a solution that both had the stud lengths required, and met the sound requirements specified.”

“Working with complete stud lengths has really made things easier for us,” says Leif Johnsson from Tak- och Vägginstallationer, who has been responsible for installing the extensive area of interior walls totalling 25,000 m2. “Moreover, RdBX’s structure is easy to assemble, process and cut. We purchased all the studs through Varbergs Trä, which worked extremely well.” Besides Lindab’s RdBX studs, the entire building has been fitted with a duct system from Lindab. “In fact, Lindab Safe is the most easily assembled duct system on the market, so despite the relatively complicated installation, it has gone well,” says Christer Axelsson, LH Vent Teknik.

“Fortunately the City Council and the University in Borås are very positive about our venture and we are already observing a number of positive spin-off effects for the city as a whole, its inhabitants and businesses,” Hanna Lassing concludes. Simonsland’s first stage will be opened in August. The building will receive a Green Building certification.