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  • The turnkey contractor Skjøde’s new head office in Odense on the Danish
	  island of Funen is a typical manifestation of their view of aesthetic and functional
	  projects with high requirements placed on quality and energy-efficiency.
	  A large number of Lindab solutions have been installed here just like in all their
	  customer projects.
  • Skjøde praises Lindab’s ability to deliver complete solutions. ”In that they are also
	  involved at the project stage, an already excellent solution can often become
	  even better!”
	  Some of the total of 12 steel doors that Lindab delivered are visible in the picture.
  • Lindab has supplied a total of 10 industrial sectional doors for Skjøde’s new
	  head office.
  • Several internally installed fire doors from Lindab are included in the overall solution.
	  ”It offers security to know that Lindab’s fire door solutions are in the forefront
	  of this product category in the market and adequately meet the relevant
	  fire protection requirements.”
  • The complete indoor climate system which is hidden above the office’s suspended
	  ceiling consists of an extensive Lindab Safe duct system as well as
	  Lindab’s diffusers and air fittings, etc.
  • The foyer at Skjøde’s head office with the
	  forthcoming project, Gartnerbyen, on display.
  • Lindab Transfer extraction system in
	  Skjøde’s joinery.
  • Open Office at Skjøde.

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Story in short:

Complete solutions create confidence and security

The turnkey contractor Skjøde on the island of Funen is a good example of a company which allows its own values and goals to govern its choice of suppliers. ”For us, time, quality, price, know-how and expertise play a decisive role. That’s why we also select suppliers which can give us this. One of these suppliers is Lindab, which is great at enabling our values to permeate all our projects,” says Peder Hovgaard Øder, regional manager Syddanmark at Skjøde.



Blækhatten 27

5220 Odense


Skjøde is a Danish construction company which over its 44 years has developed from a small farming supplier into a complete turnkey contractor with projects extending from small houses and block of flats to offices, industrial buildings, halls and schools. Today it operates all over Denmark.

”For the past year, all our functions have been located here in our airy and energy-efficient new head office just outside the centre of Odense,” Peder Hovgaard Øder continues. ”It has given us a working environment and a collaborative focus which really produces the best conditions to develop and optimise each individual project in the best way.” Today Skjøde has a turnover of DDK 540 million and with the strong Danish construction market as the locomotive, it is expecting the excellent development of both projects for customers and its own projects to continue in the coming years.


Responsibility for the entire solution

For Skjøde’s new head office, Lindab was responsible for the delivery of two important contracts; industrial doors and steel doors, as well as the complete indoor climate system. ”Lindab doesn’t just have a complete range of doors and steel doors, above all it has the technical know-how surrounding its products and systems and can be involved right from the project stage. This means that Lindab takes responsibility for the entire solution and can present and deliver a complete package solution. It’s just what we want,” Peder Hovgaard Øder continues. ”It creates confidence and gives us the security that is the prerequisite for good business relations.”

For Skjøde’s head office, Lindab supplied industrial sectional doors, fire doors and façade doors in steel in the customer’s colours, including fittings. Furthermore, a complete Lindab indoor climate system is hidden behind the building’s suspended ceiling. ”When it comes to indoor climate and ventilation systems, it is normally our ventilation subcontractors who choose the supplier, but through Lindab’s leading position in the Danish ventilation market, the general rule is for a Lindab system to be installed in most of our projects,” says Peder Hovgaard Øder. Among other things, Lindab’s diffusers and air fittings are located in the office building’s suspended ceiling. Together with the Lindab Safe duct system, they deliver an energy-efficient and sealed ventilation solution. In addition, Skjøde’s joinery, which is located in the building’s workshop section, is equipped with a Lindab Transfer extractor system for band saws, planers, etc.


Collaboration which creates confidence

”So-called standard solutions don’t actually exist anymore,” says Peder Hovgaard Øder. ”Each building is unique, both in terms of dimensions, specific requirements, architecture and aesthetic expression. So it is not just the products which have to be adaptable to these conditions, the supplier must also be able to deliver on time and at the quality and price promised. In that context, Lindab is asecure and stable supplier and partner which keeps its promises.”

Industrial doors and ventilation are far from the only product system from Lindab that are to be found in Skjøde’s various projects. ”Roof and façade solutions, roof drainage systems as well as tailor-made façade sheeting are examples of products and systems we purchase from Lindab,” says Peder Hovgaard Øder. ”We generally like all types of package solutions or complete solutions, as it means that Lindab takes a greater responsibility to ensure that the solution will really work optimally, both for us and them. Having Lindab involved right from the project planning stage means that we create the best conditions to achieve precisely that. Lindab’s flexibility and muscles also enable us to meet the unavoidable design changes and delays that affect all construction projects. It is this type of confidence-creating collaboration and their constant focus on our needs that has underpinned our collaboration and relationship with Lindab. And as I said, Lindab helps us to fulfil our values and achieve our goals!”, concludes Peder Hovgaard Øder.