E-city Engelholm

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  • Rållia assembles one bay in about 30 minutes. The wall is soon finished, inside and out. Only the pilaster plates over the panel joints remain to be fitted. 
	  The photo shows the first, 14,000 m2, warehouse. The next one will have an area of 42,000 m2.
  • Laying the high profile against the chamfered longitudinal eave – a unique new solution for this project.
  • Laying the high profile against the chamfered longitudinal eave – a unique new solution for this project.
  • The high profile is lifted up in packs and laid sheet by sheet over the roof for quick, simple assembly.
  • 1. The high profile is put in place.
  • 2. Aligned.
  • 3. And fixed into the roof beam of the steel frame with a bolt driving gun.
  • Sandwich panels consisting of four different shades of grey are assembled into a discreet wave pattern.
  • Rållia has begun constructing the framework for the first warehouse building at E-city Engelholm.
  • Framework assembly at a great height.
  • Framework assembly at a great height.

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Story in short:

Catena’s new e-commerce centre, E-city Engelholm, is an important part of the company’s ongoing investment in flexible, cutting-edge, energy-efficient logistics solutions. By combining well-insulated, high-density warehouse systems from Lindab with the new Tellus heating system, it is setting a new standard for energy consumption at truly low levels.


E-city Engelholm




Energy-efficiency e-commerce

The Queenswall company, a subsidiary of the logistics property company Catena, is currently building a completely new e-commerce centre – E-city Engelholm – next to the E6 in Varalöv, just south of Ängelholm. For the two warehouses which have so far been given the go-ahead, Queenswall has chosen warehouse solutions from Lindab and the Tellus heating system. In combination with Lindab’s energy-efficient panel solution and high-density warehouse construction systems, this will give the buildings an energy consumption well below the current requirements of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, a clear indication of Catena’s focus on sustainable e-logistics centres.

"This is a fantastic project from various points of view", says Anders Berg, Lindab’s CEO. "Through cooperation with Tellus Energisystem, this project takes Lindab’s range several steps forward and is a superb example of how, by adding innovation, creative thinking and product development, we have created a complete, sustainable solution for a demanding, future-focused end customer – with our entire tradition of secure supply, simplified construction and based on leading quality solutions. It shows how, by understanding our customers’ core business, we can deliver complete package solutions which give the end customer improved profitability and competitiveness. That’s exactly what we want to achieve!"

High-density warehouse concept with built-in energy-efficiency

"The warehouses are similar to the Lindab concept, which we have previously delivered to Queenswall", explains Björn Olsson of Rållia Bygg. "Lindab’s warehouse system produces a higher density than ‘normal’ warehouses, which is an important advantage from an energy point of view, and a perfect match for Queenswall’s high demands for energy-efficiency."
The first warehouse, with an area of 14,000 m2, is already under construction, and preparations are under way for the second warehouse, which will be considerably larger at 42,000 m2. The facades of the warehouses will be given a discreet wave pattern in four shades of grey, complemented along the exterior gables by the Tellus energy tree.
The Tellus system is a complete heating system based on cutting-edge energy technology solutions – Energy Tree, Energy Floor and Tellus Control. "The system delivers energy consumption considerably below the energy requirements of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. That was also why I got in touch with Lindab and Anders Berg, to tell them how our system would be able to complement Lindab’s warehouse system to jointly deliver energy-efficient solutions at a new level. E-city Engelholm is the first project where our products and solutions are getting the chance to work in tandem and show how high quality and energy-smart solutions can be both economic and optimal for the environment", says Knut Nordahl of EnergiSystem Tellus AB.

Lindab: a natural choice

"Lindab was undoubtedly the natural choice for us and E-city Engelholm", says Göran Månsson at Catena. "After a number of earlier Lindab projects that were implemented without any complications or problems, we now have complete trust and great confidence in Lindab. We believe in their technology, we have great confidence in their designers and staff, and from an overall perspective we perceive their solutions as very good value for money. And I really mean that!"
Catena’s target for the new buildings is to achieve an energy consumption of less than 13 kWh/m2 per year, a figure that is well below today’s normal levels of energy consumption, even in ’energy-efficient’ buildings. "We are really positive about our new e-commerce concept, in which Lindab and Tellus are both key partners", Månsson concludes. "Building logistically efficient e-commerce centres which meet our customers’ high demands for flexible storage is absolutely crucial for us. As is doing it in a way that is sustainable in the long-term and energy-efficient!"
After the holidays, Ventilationsservice Magnus Kristiansson will also start assembling Lindab’s duct system Lindab Safe in both the warehouses.