Wolseley Sustainable Building Centre

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Story in short:

Wolseley Plc is the world’s largest distributor of building materials and products with operations in 32 countries and a market leading position in the USA, Great Britain and several European countries.

Investment in environmentally friendly construction has been ongoing for some time and is now spread over Wolseley’s 1,800 British distribution centres and building department stores.



Harrison Way, Spa Park

Warwickshire CV31 3HH

United Kingdom

Environmental ways of thinking within the construction industry are developing rapidly. If you want to show off new solutions, concepts and products, an attractive display window is never a bad idea. This is how the British company Wolseley reasoned when it initiated the investment into the Wolseley Sustainable Building Centre right next to the Group’s head office in Royal Leamington Spa, south-east of Birmingham.
Today, builders, architects and prescribers visit the newly built centre in their hundreds to acquaint themselves with the range of products that Wolseley has selected for its certified environmental product programme. About 170 of these products have also been used in the construction of the building itself, including Lindab Rainline and Lindab Seamline.
“Environmental building solutions and building methods have been a fairly marginal phenomenon in Great Britain,” says Chris Booker, Product Development Manager at WSBC, Wolseley Sustainable Building Centre.  “When it came to choosing products for what we call Roofing, i.e. roof cladding and roof drainage, this was preceded by a thorough evaluation of a number of manufacturers’ products, Lindab could clearly provide measurable and verifiable environmental facts for its products within roof drainage, roof profiles and standing seam roofing in combination with exceptional quality when it comes to function, assembly, aesthetics, etc.
That is why Lindab Rainline, Coverline and Seamline are currently assembled here in our ‘display window’ at WSBC and are also the Roofing products we emphasise in our product guides.”