Fire dampers in lindQST!

​One step in our strategy of becoming a complete provider of ventilation solutions was to acquire MP3 S.r.l., with specialist competence within fire and smoke protection. A fire in a building may cause extensive damage to property, leading to major financial consequences for the property owner. But fire in building environments primarily poses a threat to the people inside those buildings. Safe, reliable ventilation fire protection systems ensure that damage and injuries are kept to a minimum or even prevented in the event of an accident.
Fire dampers are an important part of a fire protection system, so now we have made our quick selection tool lindQST even better by also adding our fire damper range. Try it out and you will find:

• Fire damper selector
  3 steps to find the optimized fire damper for your requirements.

• Fire damper calculator
  The calculator is the fast track to calculate and document a specific

• Documentation
  Quick access to documentation, installation instructions and images.
Try it out here or download the user guide for more information!