Lindab has created a new application for UltraLink users.
This application enables remote and simple access to the Lindab control and air flow meter: UltraLink. It enables the user to configure the UltraLink according to the specific needs. This is useful during installation to verify that the settings are correct or during operations to change the communication setting.  

The app connects via Bluetooth to an UltraLink in ventilation ducts. Since the UltraLink is usually mounted in or near the ceiling, with the UltraLink app an installer can remotely change the settings of the flow meter from a distance, standing on the floor.
Examples of changes that can be done via the app:
  • Choose between analogue and digital communication.
  • Four different voltage levels for analogue signals.
  • Set the minimum or maximum corresponding flow of your UltraLink
    from 0 to 15 m/s.
  • Execute recalibration.
  • Reset the UltraLink to factory settings if needed.
  • Monitor data and draw graphs to demonstrate visually the operation of the ventilation system.
  • Links to technical documentation and other information sources regarding the UltraLink and Lindab in general.

Link to user manual