The Lindab Quick Selection Tool, lindQST®, is a very fast, easy-to-use and flexible online tool for your daily work.

LindQST® helps you select and calculate correct diffusers and chilled beams, silencers and fire dampers and quickly find the available documentation. You can also use LindQST to find the optimal fan for you, or simply create your wiring diagram using the selected control equipment for Lindabs Pascal system for indoor climate controls. Not enough? Simply insert your selected indoor climate products into your rooms and simulate the airflow taking into account the calculated air velocities and temperatures and sound levels. You can, of course, display the selected selection and calculations graphically and print out all documentation for your documentation including all existing values in data sheets and entire project room books. With LindQST® you will easily find the most suitable product for your project. It provides an easy and quick access to the latest product information, technical specifications and assembly instructions on the Internet, making it the ideal tool installers, consultants and architects alike. 
  • Fast product selection for indoor climate products.
  • Easy access to all current documentation.
  • Fast design of fire dampers.
  • Indoor Climate Designer: Graphical representation of the spatial situation in 2D / 3D and floor plans from AutoCAD®.
  • Calculation of sound power levels, pressure losses and flow conditions.
  • 3D particles or smoke show the air distribution in the room.
  • Diagram showing the time course of the CO2 concentration in the room.
  • Room book generation and data sheet for individual rooms and outlets or entire projects.
  •  Project can be saved and shared with other LindQST users.