CADvent Plugin

Lindab CADvent plugin

The CADvent plugin is a toolbox for AutoCAD with several very helpful features for the ventilation designer and contractor. The CADvent plugin can be installed on computers with and without MagiCAD. Users without MagiCAD get a little tool pallet with functions to create (redraw) rooms, add room requirements and upload these rooms to lindQST. In lindQST, the Lindab Quick Selection Tool, users can use these rooms in the project area to define your air or water devices.
Users with MagiCAD on AutoCAD will get automatically an extended version of the CADvent plugin. The Lindab CADvent plugin is developed to support advanced production orientated features on top of MagiCAD using the production orientated objects in MagiCAD.
CADvent plugin features including CADvent properties, duct cutting and flanges, order optimization, reporting for Bill-of-Materials, piece-labelling and Lindab webshop connection is available.
The functionality of the Lindab MagiCAD plugin is integrated in the CADvent plugin. Additional installations are not necessary (see below).

Lindab MagiCAD plugin

The Lindab MagiCAD plugin is a tool pallet for MagiCAD on AutoCAD that allows the user to call lindQST, DIMcomfort or DIMsilencer. The Lindab product selection tools enable the user to find a suitable product, optimized for the given requirements and transfer the selection back to MagiCAD to place the products in the CAD drawing.

The Lindab MagiCAD plugin is part of the CADvent plugin, a separate installation is not necessary!