TEKNOsim Europe is the software that provides fast, easy and reliable climate simulation. It is easy to use, and provides you with clear, understandable results. You can easily see the consequences of altering various parameters, and you can rely on the software’s brand-neutral results.
With TEKNOsim you can calculate the peak heating and cooling loads for rooms in a building as well the temperature for each day in the year and over the whole day including the resulting OMV (Predicted Mean Vote) and PPD-index. The latest version, TEKNOsim 6, also includes annual energy consumption for the building.

​Easy to use

  • The user interface is easy to understand and work with. It is supported by a guiding function that helps the user to follow a workflow through the complete design and calculation process
  • The software contains a large variety of pre-defined, completed designs for walls, windows, ceilings and floors
  • The results are presented in diagrams and tables where the complex data is represented in easy way
  • All of Lindab’s chilled beam and radiant panel products are included in the software and can be calculated
  • includes a guide to help new users start their climate simulations quickly and easily

Accurate and reliable

  • TEKNOsim is based on many years’ experience of data-based climate simulation
  • The software takes into account every significant parameter affecting indoor climate
  • Fast, accurate calculations that minimize the risk of oversizing your climate control system
  • Verified by Chalmers Industriteknik, CIT and LTH in Lund
  • IWEC 2.0 climate database is used for geographical climate information

Brand neutrality

  • Allows the calculation of the heating and cooling effect of various climate control systems

See the results

The results are presented as clear tables and diagrams

  • By changing various parameters, it is possible to study building and installation dynamics
  • The software can be used at all stages, beginning with the early stages of planning

Download TEKNOsim