Residential ventilation by Lindab not only enhances the indoor air quality and the building standard. It also re-uses the heat from people, electric equipment and heating.
The heart of the residential ventilation by Lindab is our energy-efficient
and airtight Lindab Safe® ducting. Combined with a heat exchanger recovering 80 per cent or more of the energy in the indoor air, you will minimize heating costs considerably. For example, a heat recovery ventilation system saves up to 7000 kWh per year and apartment.
In short, it’s all about taking control over, and using the energy, of the indoor air.
We call it Lindab Inside.
  • A balanced, double-flow heat recovery system gives full control over the incoming air: It can save up to 7,000 kWh/apartment every year.
  • The incoming air is filtered to keep pollen and other harmful air particles out of the apartment.
  • A Lindab Safe® circular, airtight system uses less energy and has better operating economy. Maintenance is easy and uncomplicated.
  • The ventilation system is a long-term, safe investment, completely independent of future changes concerning the external heating system.
  • The incoming air is tempered by the heat exchanger to match the indoor temperature, creating a comfortable indoor climate and minimizing downdraught.