Around 40 per cent of Europe’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions come from the private housing segment. But in less than 10 years all new buildings are supposed to use almost no energy at all according to EU directives. To meet this challenge we must find effective ways to stop unnecessary energy losses and minimize the environmental impact – without jeopardizing the indoor air quality or the project costs.
But don’t worry. With residential ventilation by Lindab you can offer your clients the best of two worlds. And make the planning of your next project easier than ever.
Take a closer look at Lindab Inside, the energy efficient ventilation package for a sustainable future.

Advantages for property owners

  • Stop unnecessary energy losses
  • Enhance indoor air quality
  • Simplify project planning
  • Make an environmental difference

Advantages for home owners

  • A good ventilation system creates a comfortable and healthy indoor climate, free from pollen, moisture, mold and condensation.
  • A tight ventilation system together with an effective heat exchanger reuses the heat in the indoor air. It saves both energy and money.
  • Residential ventilation from Lindab is quite and easy to maintain.
  • Valves and grills are designed to blend in to your home.