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Facade Cassette Premium is an elegant and durable wall covering system. It can be used to cover the whole facade, or just parts of it. With Lindabs it-software CassetteSoft, the cassettes will be dimensioned and the facade will be designed according to your requirements. Digital drawings can easily be transferred into CassetteSoft, and full documentation can be created together with an offer.
The click-design facilitates the installation and minimizes temperature tension between the cassettes. To simplify the installation each cassette-size has its own ID-number marked on the drawing as well as on the cassettes. The cassettes are designed with dripangle to prevent corrugation. The bottom surface is also provided with punched holes, to increase the ventilation. When the cassettes are assembled, all screws are covered.

There are no softwares available for download for this particular product.

​Facade Casette Premium

Thickness and corrosion class
• 1mm thick steel sheet
• PVDF, corrosion class C3
• Powder coated, corrosion class C4
• HBP, corrosion class C3

Surface and colour PVDF
• Black
• Antique white
• Anthracite metallic
• Silver metallic
Powder coated
• Optional RAL-colour
• NCS-colour on request
Surface and colour HBP
• Black
• Antique white
• Anthracite metallic
• Silver metallic
• Copper metallic
• Pine green
• Dark grey
• Dark red
• Tile red
• Brown
• Coffee brown