Continuous regulating damper with electric motor for balancing the flow.

DTBVU is a damper, which facilitates continuously balancing of ventilation systems and can be controlled by a superior control system.

Consists of a DTU damper with a 0-10 V continuous regulating 24 electric motor.

The motor shall be completed with control signal transmitter e.g. an external potentiometer or a proportionally regulating thermostat.

The motor has overload protection and stops automatically when the blade has reached its end stop. The stop can be continually adjusted. Although the current is connected, the motor is not damaged if blocked. The (0)2-10 V control signal corresponds to 0-90º.

The spindle and motor can be disconnected from each other via a release button on the motor housing.

In outdoor installation, the motor should be protected from direct UV radiation.

The motor is installed at a distance from the damper, which makes it easy to insulate the ventilation duct.

There is a separate assembly, measuring, balancing and maintenance instruction for this product.

2 Softwares

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