LCR4 is a ceiling-mounted air exhaust diffuser, which can be used to advantage in clean rooms where you don’t want to equip exhaust diffusers with HEPA filters. In addition, the diffuser can be used to supply air in connection with centrally-located HEPA filters. LCR4 ensures a sealed ceiling and diffuser solution for the pressure regulation of rooms.

LCR4 is available in two sizes and with different duct connections. The diffuser can also be adapted for the most popular ceiling systems with reference to the order code. Visually, the diffuser looks like type LCR1. The diffuser is equipped with a rotating front plate, which is attached by wire springs, ensuring easy installation and removal of the base plate for cleaning purposes.

  • Can be supplied adapted for ceilings with reference to the order code
  • Visually identical to LCR1
  • Airtight box with sealed design
  • Mounting brackets supplied as standard
  • Can be attached using a wire mounting (pendants) for standard ceiling systems
  • The front plate can be swung downwards without having to be removed.

2 Softwares

  • CADvent Enabler

    CADvent Enabler is a software that allows users to open dwg drawing files, created with CADvent in AutoCAD.

  • lindQST

    The Lindab Quick Selection Tool, lindQST®, is a very fast, easy-to-use and flexible online tool for your daily work.